Wednesday, 17 September 2008

beyond reasonable doubt

Stuff is sure that the story is patently clear

Mr Henry's latest evidence has now established the timeline of calls and e-mails beyond dispute:

* At 1.26pm on December 14 2005, Mr Glenn began a 6-minute, 41-second call to Mr Peters.
* At 1.33pm, Mr Peters began a 6-minute, 10-second call to Mr Henry.
* At 1.40pm, Mr Henry e-mailed Mr Glenn in Sydney saying: "Further to your discussion with my client at 1.30 nzt I provide my bank details ..."
Mr Henry said Mr Glenn's name was mentioned during the call from Mr Peters, which reminded Mr Henry he had asked for $100,000 toward the cost of the Tauranga electoral petition.
He could not recall why Mr Glenn's name was raised, but said he would have remembered if Mr Peters mentioned a discussion about money because there was a policy of keeping donations from him. "It is not logical to say that there was a discussion over payments, because he [Mr Peters] and I would have had a barney, and I would have remembered that ..."
He said the e-mail was simply to jog Mr Glenn's memory. "I'm telling him that I know he's had a discussion with my client, and I'm sending him my bank account details saying 'Hey, I'm still here. Are we going to get a donation?"'

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