Thursday, 4 September 2008

Billionaires wrath to be visited on Labour

And so, the die is cast. Despite the bullying and abusive behaviour of the increasingly eccentric Peter Williams to prevent the Privileges Committee from doing its work, Owen Glenn has confirmed in a second letter to the committee that it was Winston Peters who personally asked him for the $100,00 gift. Glenn says:

“There is absolutely no doubt that the request came to me from Mr Peters. I would not have made the donation on any other basis through any intermediary. I did not do so.”

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Also announced today is that Owen Glenn is to appear personally before the Privileges Committee on Tuesday. This will be the end of Peters, and possibly Clark as well. Billionaires do not waste time flying for 30 hours halfway around the world, even on First Class, to arrive in a small country they have tried to help, to say: “Actually I got it all wrong. My letters were made up. Peters never asked me for money. I never told Clark. It’s all a big misunderstanding.” Glenn is coming here to sink the Government that treated him so shabbily in February after he used his own money to pay for New Zealand’s newest business school, and whose shadowy Ninth Floor spin doctors have been viciously smearing him for weeks, despite him being their biggest sugar daddy.


Inventory2 said...

Oh dear!!

Will the ETS be passed today, so that Parliament can de dissolved before the weekend? Can the PM afford to have Glenn appear? Which newspaper will get the "good oil" from OG? And will he have a feed of scampi while he's here?

So many questions.....

homepaddock said...

And another question: is Labour regretting spitting in the eye of their most generous donor?

alex Masterley said...

I am picking that Mr Glenn will walk into the committee room with bundles of relevant correspondence, including emails confirmation of lodgement etc, in chronological order, indexed, paginated, tabbed and highlighted for all concerned. My reading of his letter to the Privleges Committee suggests that he has a few other nuggets to deliver. Keeping his powder dry so to speak.
Hp, ohhh yes, like the woman scorned hell hath no fury like the scored financial backer.

Anonymous said...

alex masterley - that is what Glenn's PR firm, BBG, is telling people privately. Do you work for them?

alex Masterley said...

Re, anonymous' last post.

No I don't work in PR or for Mr Glenn in any way. If I did I would be keeping my trap shut.

My comments were an educated guess based on what I would do in the same or similar circumstances.

I forgot to suggest that if Mr Glenn was not in New Zealand at the time of the Karaka Sales in early 2007 (and I don't know if he was or wasn't) he may well have his passport with him to confirm that. If he was not in NZ at that time then it is the first thing i would wave around.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Well Alex, you're on the money. Your suggestion is the same as Glenn's PR people are saying. Can't wait for Tuesday!