Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hooton works out leak on crapper video and it wasnt the prawn!

Bugger me - who the hell would have thought that.

Hooton says that Labour and Mallard are complicit in leaking the Crapper ( see sidebar if you want to watch it again) video to dump Winston in it - Remember this is all about scampi - winston never wanted this video released because he owed to much to the scampi barons and there is a money trail - the SFO will find it....

So Labour set Winston up ....... how delicious! how sneaky ! how slippery ! what betrayal!

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mawm said... Labour is not seen to be the ones giving Winnie the heave-ho, and so he won't go feral with what he knows that Mrs Davis is so scared will get out.

Clever, but has now been exposed, so it won't work