Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I want to have david farrar's kids

No, I dont really, but lets face it he does the best centre right / right / very right analysis there is . I am never in favour of reinventing the wheel. So go to Kiwi blog and read what Farrar says about the Williams interview.

He says it soo well.

So more to the point there is a sweepstake with a damn good bottle of oldish italian red up for grabs

Prima .Mano primativo 2001 for the person who guesses correctly how much the Velas did donate to NZ First.

Unlike me this wine is very elegant.....

guess away!


Ed Snack said...

$150K initially, but how much since...

bustedblonde said...

80k from williams this morn

Ed Snack said...

Yep, I am wondering about that. Williams may well be "confused", or lying, or "just making up stuff". I think we'll see a correction to that comment at some stage. Because, if Spenser Trust was around in 1998 - 2003 (contrary to explicit statements to the contrary), then some awful porkies are/have been told and it seems likely that the SFO may well find that out.

So I reckon Mr Williams will change his tune, or, a though just struck me, are there TWO Spenser Trusts, and if there are two, could there be more ? This is getting more and more like some stupid TV political soap opera by the day.

Where will it end, when we all sink into some semi-comatose state ? So bewildered by the svengali like charm of obfusticatory Winston that we cease to care and just want it and him over and done with. I think the journalist we need to make sense of this is sadly dead, HST himself. Fear &Loathing in the Beehive.

Inventory2 said...


The initial $150k plus the $80k that Williams was talking about, plus the $25k blacked out on the 3News transcript?