Saturday, 6 September 2008

Maori Party and National Party feel a bit of manakitanga

Maori party - tino pai

This from John Armstrong of the Herald

However, the way the numbers fall in Parliament may well force the Maori Party into a formal confidence-and- supply arrangement of the kind NZ First has with Labour.
That would be a big step for a party naturally worried about becoming another statistic in the minor parties' largely unsuccessful struggle to get a reward from voters for being reliable partners either inside or outside a minority Government.
The Maori Party does have the advantage of representing a niche market, rather than having to compete with all and sundry. But at some point it must start delivering the goods.
This election would seem to be the opportune time to do so, given National's lack of viable partners and Labour's likely need for any
partner it can get.

I gave a speech to a bunch of mothers some 2 months ago and it wrapped around the theme that the Maori party would be in government with the National Party following the next election.

I am Ngai Tahu and, in my time have dabbled in tribal politics at a grass roots level, so I'm very aware of what the politial essence of Maori is.

And it aint socialism.

Even at the last election the growing brown intellegensia could see a need for the Maori Party to take a fresh look at their political bedfellows.

Sadly it was not to be. And maybe that has been a good thing as both the Maori party and the National Party have had time to step back and take a good look at each other and they appear to have come to the conclusion that a bit of miscegenation could be good for the country.

If they feel the aroha and join forces after the election, then Busted Blondes wine cellar will be the richer.

A mate bet a bottle of Hill of Grace ( year of the winners choosing ) that the Maori party wouldnt have a bar of the Nats post the election.

BB reckons its the best bet she has made in a long time

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