Friday, 19 September 2008

Marmite memories

You get to the airport - for a long weekend break and the bloody plane gets delayed so you are faced with a short weekend break... so I'm blogging to fill in the time.

Anyway i saw this in Stuff - In April I went to Canada and visited some of the Aussie Rocks relatives... and yip Marmite was on top of the list... 6 jars!

Marmite tops wish list
New 7:00AM Friday Sep 19, 2008
Marmite is high on the Christmas "wish list" of Defence Force and police personnel who will be overseas on Christmas Day.
Nearly 490 parcels packed yesterday with the help of the Returned and Services' Association included items such as Anzac biscuits, gingernuts, Marmite, Watties tomato sauce, chippies and onion dip ingredients, toothpaste and chewing gum.
They will be sent to 13 countries including Afghanistan, Egypt, Antarctica, Solomon Islands and East Timor.

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