Thursday, 11 September 2008

Minister with a big appetite

apparently the breakfast was muttonbirds, oysters and champagne --- no self respecting ngai tahu would have champagne with muttonbirds - they go best with Chianti or a pilsener!

I have been known to catch a few muttonbirds so can speak with a bit of authority.

We know that Parekura likes a good feed but $75,000 for breakfast???????

Last oral question for today....

Hon TAU HENARE to the Minister of Māori Affairs: Can he confirm that the “breakfast bash” where he launched the new Māori dictionary cost taxpayers up to $75,000?

Reminds me of the time Parekura was in Invercargill for a seafood conference - he came out with a group of us for a kai - and it was oyster season --

He had:

one dozen raw for starters
one dozen raw for entre
one dozen cooked and another dozen raw for main and

yip a dozen for dessert!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bluff oysters--Who could blame him?

bustedblonde said...

no me - but it was funny.. everyone gave him heaps

mind you i have had whitebait for entree main and dessert at shed five before --

bustedblonde said...

that was supposed to be " not me"

wally said...

he must get fucking awful gout!

Inventory2 said...

I loved that photoshopped T-shirt someone had Parekura wearing - "I fought anorexia and won" - classic!!


All those oysters?
He must have been a randy bugger that night!