Tuesday, 16 September 2008

the nub of this mornings issue

A nice summary from the The Herald on whats the core of the issue in front of the privileges committee

Last week's documented evidence from Owen Glenn:
* Glenn telephones Winston Peters at 1.26pm (NZ time) December 14, 2005, Glenn says to discuss donation.* Phone call ends at 1.32pm.* Eight minutes later Glenn receives email from Brian Henry: "Further to your discussion with my client at 1.30 NZ time I provide my banks details as ASB acct...'
Brian Henry's verbal evidence on August 18:
* Gerry Brownlee: "Who suggested to you that you approach Owen Glenn?"
* Brian Henry: "I am unable to divulge that because it's privileged and it's not Winston Peters' privilege to waive. I can tell you it was not the president of the Labour Party or Winston Peters


wanaka fisherman said...

Alice in Wonderland is going to have her work cut out explaining this one away. However Bro Willie Jackson will believe it.

spam said...

Not Winnie or Mike Williams. Was it H1 or H2 perhaps?