Tuesday, 16 September 2008

peters nailed

He has changed his story so he lied and so did Henry - this in from STUFF

Henry now says Winston probably was the client he was talking about


Inventory2 said...

Just listening to Barry Soper on ZB - he said that Henry and Peters are asking the PC to "believe the unbelievable".


bustedblonde said...

yip that what we have been saying all along.... I reckoned there was no way Henry would perjure himself....

wanaka fisherman said...

In the light of this, anyone who now believes that Winnie did not solicit the donations has rocks in their head. Surely this will trigger the PM to cut lying Winnie loose

Inventory2 said...

BB - I know it's bad form to ask a woman about her age, but do you remember the question they asked of Nixon after Watergate - I do!


wanaka fisherman said...

There is now more chance of a blind man winning a clay target shooting event than WP winning a defamation case.

What will happen when those court costs are sheeted home.

Who will bail him out then, no seat, no baubles, no friends, and a whole dollop of disgrace.

What goes round, comes around.