Tuesday, 2 September 2008

the phantom powder puffer


I wonder if he is the same tosser who did the Foot and Mouth Hoax??????


Ed Snack said...

No way, the Waiheke incident was set up by Labour, H2 could tell you who the contact was but not the actual names of those involved. Cut outs. I wonder how good the records are on expenses paid for from the leaders fund ?

bobux said...


Any evidence for that?

With all due respect, it sounds like bullshit. I've seen a copy of the letter - it was either from someone a couple of cans short of a six-pack, or someone who could do an uncanny imitation of weirdness.

What was Labour's motive? It happened a good six months before the election - and had the potential to mightily piss of a fair group of voters.

Ed Snack said...

"Shrug", buried deeper than a Ross Meurant arms deal by now. But check the timing out again, great news when faced with a dip in the polls, distracts the media...better timing than an SFO leak.

bobux said...

I guess we can all believe what we want.

The prospect of political oblivion if they were caught out, and the distance away from an election, make the likelihood it was a jack-up seem vanishingly low to me.

And in fact their polling wasn't all that bad, certainly not compared to what is it today.