Thursday, 11 September 2008

A selection of quotes from Winston

"I can't explain it," Peters told the committee. "I've looked at this over and over again."
2 hours ago The Press (2 occurrences)
"Mr Glenn's evidence yesterday makes it clear to me that he has been seriously coached by Mr Harley, whose record acting for Fay Richwhite during the Winebox came into extreme criticism," Mr Peters said last night.
2 hours ago (2 occurrences)

His voice breaking, Peters said: "My character is being impugned here and I will not stand by and let that happen. My record over many years speaks for itself. I have made more sacrifices than most."
2 hours ago The Press (2 occurrences)
"I do not recall talking to him about money during that conversation. This is why I have always denied knowing of Mr Glenn's contributions to my legal costs for the Tauranga electoral petition until July 18 2008," Peters said.
2 hours ago The Press (2 occurrences)
"I'm saying no," Mr Peters said at the time.

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