Tuesday, 2 September 2008

thanks but no thanks Winston


home paddock has all the good goss.


So to date we have:

  • Charities that wont take his money
  • Rotary clubs who wont listen to him
  • National who wont govern with him
  • An SFO that wont take no shit from him
  • A privileges committee that wont take toooo much shit from him
  • Grey Power who wont take being associated with him
  • The Greens who would be VERY uncomfortable being in govt with him
  • Bob Jones who wont lie for him
  • Owen Glen who wont lie for him
  • Scampi pioneers who are more than a little pissed off with not getting their quota when everyone said they should have got some.
  • Ross Meurant who took the fall for him
  • Euminedes who is scared of what they know

So the only ones who still love him are

  • Simunovich
  • Vela
  • Everyone in a horse syndicate over a million dollars
  • Who -ever gave him a big donation to roll over and give the seafood industry extra concessions on the ETS.
  • Brian Henry
  • Tommy Gear
  • Johnny Glozier
  • Frank Perry

Oh and I forgot - anyone in second stage dementia

and Helen.

anyone got some to add?


Anonymous said...

Peter Williams

G said...

I don't want to jinx it but...

97% of the NZ public who won't vote for him!

Whaleoil said...

I'm not sure Vela is a fan anymore

homepaddock said...
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homepaddock said...

The small clubs' rep on the NZ Thoroughbred Racing board doesn't like him either: http://www.stuff.co.nz/sundaystartimes/4631199a6619.html

goooooood girl said...

So good......

Anonymous said...

John Christie and the Board of the Otago Chamber of Commerce - are they linked to fishing?? Sir Cliff??

Dave said...

is his ronically named partner Jan "Trotman" still a fan?

Inventory2 said...

Brian Sydney Deadman