Tuesday, 2 September 2008

They are my cuzzies and I love em.

Ngai Tahu has just stomped all over the ETS --

They have put a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal because they will see millions of dollars wiped off their asset if the bill goes ahead...

They arent asking for more - they reckon ( and they are right ) that the ETS will wipe off the value of what they already have.

Hhere is some of the transcript from RNZ this morning between Shaun Plunket and Solomon

or go to Radionz.co.nz and listen for more

SOLOMON: Very urgent, I mean if the ETS goes through its final reading, it literally wipes tens of
millions of dollars off our bottom line.
PRESENTER: What are you going to be saying then to, for example, the Maori Party, about
whether or not to help the Government out in terms of moving this through Parliament.
SOLOMON: Well there's, in some sense there's a bit of a difference between us and other tribes.
Ngai Tahu and four other tribes settled in the late 90's, before the introduction of the ETS, so
there's five of us who paid best value prices at the time, to now have the trading system put on top
of us, which again literally wipes tens of millions of dollars off our bottom line.
PRESENTER: The Government seems to be pretty hell bent on getting the ETS through, um, in
what is a pretty strained political environment, are you saying it shouldn't go through until issues ...
SOLOMON: Not in its current form. Ngai Tahu supports the Crown in the sense that it wishes to
introduce a [sic] emissions trading scheme, we accept that the world has to deal with the climate
control, what Ngai Tahu is not accepting is that we carry an unshare ...
SOLOMON: ... burden of the cost.

MARK SOLOMON (CHAIRMAN, NGAI TAHU): It's all around the, the date, the 1990 pre-forest,
basically Ngai Tahu bought its lands at best value prices, acknowledging to, ah, putting upfront to
the Crown at the start that we weren't interested in the forests once the cutting licences would re
[sic], ah, would finish, we would convert to farming. Under the emissions trading scheme we face
literally tens of millions of dollars worth of penalty if we don't immediately re, replant the forests.

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