Wednesday, 17 September 2008

this shithead used to get government money

As much as it pains me I am pleased that Labour has distanced itself from this obscenity.

This sort of pathetic claim undermines the mana of all Maori.

so if we follow Ryders logic, all Maori
  • drug addicts
  • diabetics
  • alcoholics

should lodge a treaty claim.

10 years ago Ryder was being paid by the government to do community work - he probably is still - one way or the other. But people like Ryder, who still wear the colours, are not trying to stop kids from entering gangs - they are still glorying in being part of it. and he is further legitimising Black Power by making the claim - that should not happen - all parties should not support anything that legitimises these gangs.

This from STUFF

Treaty Negotiations Minister Michael Cullen says there is no legal basis for the Black Power gang to lodge a Treaty of Waitangi claim.
His associate minister Shane Jones went further, saying the idea was a joke.
It was reported today the gang had lodged a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal.
The claim was one of thousands received in the rush leading up to the September 1 deadline imposed by the Government for historic claims.
Wellington gang spokesman Eugene Ryder, understood to be a major driver behind the claim, would not provide specifics about it but said the gang was not seeking money.
Gangs existed because of colonisation and what they wanted was education, he said.
"The object of the claim is education as to why we're in the position we're in," he said.
"It's the story of our lives really and the way we're treated. From our perspective there have been multiple Treaty breaches, every article has been broken."

The only thing that is broken, Ryder, is your arse...

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