Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Hooton has been running hot with this all day and Duncan Garner on TV3 has picked up the story and led with it at 6.pm

It is lamb dressed up as mutton - not supposed to look too appetising and it takes legal electioneering to the edge of the law - but morally it stinks worse that a cracked kina in the noon day sun.

Well done Matthew for shedding light on a nasty piece of cynical politics.

And we will be putting the spotlight on some more Labour nanny state policy crap later this evening.


JC said...

Clark, barely stifling a smirk at putting one over National, told TV3 that the oldies had great difficulty accessing information on all their entitlements, and this brochure solved the problem.

So, having doubled and more the number of communicators and spinners in the govt departments and added 50% more bureaucrats, it's still difficult for oldies to find out the facts?

That's the real message of the last nine years.. a vast, incompetent and opaque bureaucracy and govt that can't meet it's core responsibilities without a political document issued just once in the last nine years.

Slimy bastards. The sleeze just oozes from every pore.


Anonymous said...

Dunky also said that they cost $1 each so the total cost was $64,000.

There is no way they only cost $1 to produce.

bustedblonde said...

you think that is bad - im working on releasing something in about an hour ( its taking me a bit to pull together ) that is way more disgusting that this