Monday, 6 October 2008


This from the Wellington Chamber of Commerce

The incoming government should not be deterred by the deteriorating fiscal position revealed today and should implement further tax cuts as soon as possible according to the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has also challenged all political parties to announce their tax policies immediately now that the books have been opened.

Yip time for everyone to show us their plans

“Tax cuts are still warranted in spite of the deteriorating fiscal position.” said Chamber CEO Charles Finny.

must have big balls those boys at the chamber - how sexy is that!

“In fact we argue that a carefully constructed tax package that aims to boost the economy by improving the incentives to work, save and invest will be beneficial to the fiscal position in the longer run.

further reductions in company tax would be very welcome

“We favour reductions in tax rates, rather than a lift in tax thresholds, because these incentives are increased with lower marginal tax rates.

“Now that the books have been opened and Treasury’s forecasts released, we call on all political parties to announce their tax policies.

“The current government’s prudent fiscal management over the last nine years means that the fiscal position is strong enough to withstand further tax cuts. They would also be beneficial at this time.

“We acknowledge that as the economy slows, significant tax cuts will be less affordable without reductions in the growth of further government expenditure and savings from some specific cuts in non-productive bureaucratic spending.

oh boy we here at the prawn can tell them where to save shitloads in a heartbeat

“Today’s opening of the books increases the need for a review of all government spending which we think the incoming government should undertake as soon as it takes office”, Mr Finny concluded.

This is seriously overdue.. the prawns are happy to help...

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