Wednesday, 8 October 2008


There is nothing worse when you are a freelance " communications advisor" than to have your main weapon, your laptop - fizz and die.

Mine did a week ago. It was under warranty and in unusual fit of organisational excellence I had retained all the necessary paperwork. So off to Dick Smith.

I must admit the first experience with them was not so good. They told me that it could be up to 20 , yip thats right, 20 working days to get it fixed.

At that point I lost the plot.... i did a maori poi dance and yelled a bit.

Soon I was dealing with the manager, a big fella who calmed me down and said he would sort stuff. And he would give me a loan computer as well.

He was true to his word.

HP service department then rang me , thanks Benjamin, and took me through the process.
It should be 3-4 days and would be no longer than 2 weeks worst case scenario.

I was then phoned by Dick Smiths manager ( the big fella) to tell me that it was bad news , somehow coffee or tea had been spilt on the machine and it was corroded and the early estimate for repair was $900. No warranty cover.

It originally cost $1500 a year ago.

So off to NZI insurance. Now I have a policy that dates back to Countrywide bank days and its very very good.

So I got through told them what the deal was - they got straight onto HP repairs got the lowdown and said that if final repair was around $1000 it would probably mean that I would get a replacement.

It was and NZI phoned through an order number to Dick Smith and I picked up my shiny HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop yesterday. Its lovely.. I have been patting it all night....

So bouquet to Dick Smith Manners Mall, and to NZI - you are my heros....



mawm said...

Dick Smith have also been good to me.

I had some problems with the laptop, which also had an extended DS warrantee, but was told that with delays in taking and fetching it from the service centre it would be 2 weeks.

However the spotty youth found out the address of the service centre and I deliverd it myself. A second spotty youth at the service centre (ASUS) said they were very busy and it would take 5 days.

I received a call from them the next morning to tell me that the laptop was now ready for pick up.

The total time for them to fix it was less than 24 hours. Well done DA, ASUS and the spotty youths.

bustedblonde said...

thats very funny - they do seem to have a lot of spotty boys working for them! but they are very sweet - most of them

pdm said...

Pleased to see you praising NZI. I work in the industry (sales) but not with NZI and so often all you hear are people slagging Insurance Companies.

Different scenario - I am presently helping a client (age 52)with a critical care claim (cancer). He should be paid about $40,000 on a policy I persuaded him to keep about 18 months ago.