Thursday, 16 October 2008

Eric grumpy with NZ First

Bloody good on Eric - you wouldnt want to cross this big bugger when he gets shitty and he will be mightily grumpy about NZ first spreading falsehoods.


A campaign of “fear driven by lies” was not welcome in the Invercargill election race, Invercargill MP Eric Roy said today.
“For the last three weeks I’ve had superannuitants ringing me and my office saying that Labour is going around Invercargill spreading the lie that National will raise the age of eligibility for government superannuation to 68,” he said.
“John Key has announced National policy on this matter and made it clear that we will give seniors financial certainty by keeping the age of eligibility of NZ Super at 65. We have pledged to keep NZ Super at 66% of the average after-tax wage.
“Labour hasn’t made that pledge. Labour hasn’t put aside the funds for that pledge. Labour is hoping our seniors won’t notice. Well, I won’t play games with our senior citizens. They have given their working lives to this country. National won’t tell lies, and we will make sure their Super payments rise every single year.”
Mr. Roy said he had heard other lies.
“One of my staff was in the supermarket the other day and the checkout operator said she would have to vote Labour because she’d been told by Labour that National was going to cut Working for Families,” he said.
“That is an out-and-out lie. National will give families financial certainty by continuing all Working for Families payments at current levels. We are keeping 20 hours Early Childhood Education, and retaining caps on doctors’ fees.”
Mr. Roy said all of Labour’s campaigning had been based on personal attacks or lies.
“The sad thing is that, like the old adage, a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its trousers on. Well, I’m not going to stand by while lies and twisting of the truth are used to undermine my campaign.”
He said Labour’s constant barracking that National was not telling the truth was rubbish.
“Our election pledges have been costed and outlined in full. People know what we are offering and there are no secrets.”

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