Sunday, 12 October 2008


Bustedblonde couldn't watch Eye to Eye but SPAZ did -
His Verdict - Hooton won - he gave him 7 and a half out of ten and Winston 6.

And SPAZ reckons that it was bloody great TV.

So what are your views?


Colin said...

I an definitely not a Winnie fan - but (sorry) Winnie won

pdm said...

winnie won because Willie Jackson gave him every opportunity to counter what Soper and Hooten said. Yet they (and Hooten in particular) were not given the same chance to challenge him.

What a `waste of space' Woolerton was.

pdm said...

I meant to add even then I am not sure winnie won. After all as a politician and form Treasurer and Foreign Minister having someone call you a liar to your face, more than once, on National TV is not a good look. He also did an awful lot of blustering.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what channel Spaz was watching, Tina Nixon, but Hooton was completley jacked. Hooton looked like a little school boy

bustedblonde said...

b it hard for me to comment really but the emails have it at about 50/50.

Winning really isnt the issue though - its about someone standing up to the narcissistic runt.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Winston won on sound level, number of words, number of interjections and "charisma" - but surely we are now beyond all that crap. Hooton won on asking the right questions, challenging the BS and standing up to the obfuscation. Most journalists don't. "Charisma" vs guts and honesty. How do you measure who won?
(PS I 'specially like the cutting question about whether Winston had read his cabinet papers when he mentioned them, after what Upton had to say recently - probably went over the heads of most ...)

alex Masterley said...

I picked up on the "did you read them comment"
Willie J was an hopeless moderator!