Sunday, 5 October 2008

Goff, Unmanned Choppers and The Truth

Good on Jock Anderson at NZ Truth - he is still the Rottweiler of NZ journalism. And it looks like there is something to this yarn about dodgy unmanned military helicopters being built here ... and funded by the Foundation for Research Science and Technology ( FORST)

LIKE a startled possum caught in
headlights, Defence Minister Phil Goff doesn’t know if unmanned missile-armed military
helicopters were built under his very nose by an ex-MP funded by the taxpayer.
And he’s not bothered about it. “Talk to my press officer,” was Goff’s off-hand
retort when confronted by Truth as he raced from an Auckland media conference
called to promote anti-gang law. “I know nothing at all about it... No, no, I
have never dealt with it... Nothing has come across my desk... Put it in
writing...I have never seen it... It’s nothing I have committed money to...”
said Goff. Despite repeated promises for months from press officer Richard Trow,
Goff has failed to say if the government approved the building of unmanned
military helicopters and missiles in New Zealand, or even if the government knew
a private military weapons business was operating here

Read more at Truth here

Jock can smell a good yarn from 10 kms so keep a watch on this one.

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Anonymous said...

so what?

good on them if they are building a decent military weapon - shock horror, military technology is intended to kill people, who knew?

On the other hand it embarasses the peaceniks leading labour, so good stuff, keep it up