Sunday, 5 October 2008


Winston sweated buckets during his campaign launch - What is worrying him?

And he reportedly didn't stay around to press the flesh of his faithful liver spotted voters either.

But the Greens were all class - they know where they are at and are the only mini party registering any interest with voters( Not quite true Maori vote strategically for the Maori Party )

and it was helped by having Outrageous Fortune star Robyn Malcom to add some panache to the launch


Cicero said...

I agree BB the Greens launch was simple and very effective.Miles better than the Winston Peters sweat-a-thon at the poodles convention.
My take on the CB poll is here:
Labour has the stitch

Anonymous said...

I wonder at the hypocrisy of Robyn Malcolm opening the Greens Campaign when she has admitted terminating an unplanned pregnancy some years ago.

And what are Sue Bradford's views on abortion. Having pushed the anti smacking bill on all nz parents most of whom are just wanting to discipline their children appropriately.

Or are the Greens saying that it is okay to grow a vege patch but not a human life.

They make me sick. Pictures of children on their billboards, I guess they must mean just the ones over 1 day old.

Betty Blue said...

Yeah, the Greens are going great guns, their launch was the best one yet, just as their billboards are easily the most effective. Love your new look, Roarprawn, by the way, though the old one was yum yum yummy. Love seafood!

Anonymous said...

robyn malcolm...yawn...just another stunt...where's the policy to get us out of the shit they and their mates in the Communist Party have created?