Thursday, 9 October 2008


A nice marketing strategy is getting a bit of attention in London
where a Southland team is trying to lure doctors to the south.

Remember, Southland is where the economy just keeps getting better and if you believe in global warming, the weather will get better as well.

Go Southland!

Doctors lured with free beer
Expatriate health professionals are being offered a free beer and a flight home by southern health boards trying to lure them south.
The offer is part of a Return to your Southern Roots gathering at the Speight's Southerner bar in London on October 18.
BB has southern roots.

The Healthdownsouth website says the gathering had been organised in conjunction with their "mates at Speight's" who were offering a free pint to the first 100 expat Kiwi health professionals who confirm their attendance. That side of the promotion was questioned by Southland board member Fiona McArthur at a Hospital Advisory Committee meeting yesterday.
She asked whether it was appropriate for the health board to align itself with the Speight's brewery brand given the Government's announcements regarding healthy lifestyles.
She qualified the statement by saying it was not a criticism and that she was a consumer of the product.
Silly woman ....

Chief medical officer Pim Allen said the offer was not in conflict with the government's position on alcohol consumption.
"The offer that we have made is for one free beer and I think the government advertising is about responsible drinking, not no drinking." The response to the offer had been positive, she said.

The health boards were also offering free flights to Dunedin or Invercargill to those who took up employment before October 31 next year as part of the campaign. Those who took up the offer would be bonded for 12 months.

Thats got to be attractive.
Otago-Southland health boards chief executive Brian Rousseau said a local focus was important when recruiting staff and Speight's was a prominent brand in the southern part of New Zealand. He noted that a paper was being prepared on the ethics of the health sector aligning itself with certain brands, such as McDonald's and Speight's, he said.

Good on them using the best there is
A spokesperson for Lion Nathan, which owns Speight's, could not be contacted for comment yesterday.

A report to the board on the promotion said the event encouraged the audience to consider a return to the south, where they began their studies and careers.

well with the serious probability that John Key is going to be the next Prime Minister, we here at Roarprawn are getting emails from lots of expats seriously considering coming home .

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