Monday, 6 October 2008


Well , today has been one of those days.

We have found out that the Labour government of the last few years has been spending money on a whole heap of stuff that can be best described as fatuous crap. Lots of rules and regulations to keep everyone busy being busy but not a lot that was productive.

Companies struggled to grow because they were tied up tight with red tape and had to pay lots of really silly taxes that go to paying more people to make up more silly ideas that do nothing for anyone except grow fatter arses in the bureaucracy.

While things looked good the truth is there isn't a lot of money left and the money that has been spent has done bugger all to strengthen our economy.

That's going to mean that times are going to get tough really fast.

Shame really, because if Labour had not made the companies pay so much tax they would have had more money to be innovative, pay more people and grow.

Commerce is what builds our economy.

What we need to do is cut the taxes and let companies grow the economy and stop Labour from growing the bureaucracy and spending it on crap.

So its time to hunker down, get out your gun and get the old man to shoot some rabbits and fill the deep freeze and grow more veges. Because it aint going to be easy for quite a while.

And vote National.

Your loving offspring.


Anonymous said...

Go, girl!
I hope YOU are in the next government.
A guy.


Anonymous said...

Lets get this right. Electorate vote National.Party VOTE ACT.
We need Roger back to wield the pruners.

Anonymous said...

Roger Douglas aka `failed pig farmer` was overrated 20 years ago and is 20 years closer to dying today. NZ does not need miracles. Peters, Labour, Anderton, Dunne etc will all be history in 6 wks time so that`s a start! Cull the shit useless from the Public Service, sack Broad and other twat sucking cronies of the past replacing them with bright ambitious impartial young professionals.Then have a period of calm before sorting out Local Government, Health, Education and Crime. Leave ETS`s for wanker Northern Hemisphere countries and make our country appealing again for all our economic refugees in Australia.

Observer said...

About 20 years ago a very successful man, the CEO of General Electric, issued an edict to prune his corporation of one in eight MBA graduates not in people management positions. He had just found out that there was an initiative under way to hire 200 more from the graduating classes of Business Schools all over the world, and asked (quite reasonably) what they were going to do; the answer was that they were to analyse the business strategies of the various businesses that made up the corporation. As he succinctly put it, they were to be paid princely sums to read the reports that the other 500 MBA graduates wrote!

Why is this interesting today, and on this thread? Well, it may have taken those 20 years for his wisdom to arrive in New Zealand!

IN the Ministries and agencies of the New ZEaland Government, there are people whose job it is to write policy documents; thousands of them with titles like Chief Policy Advisor Ministry of Economic Development. It has reached the point where, if you start work at a Ministry in Wellington and ask for a copy of the Policy Manual they look at you as if you just had a lobotomy; how could it all fit into one book!?

There is also a wonderful cadre of people in those Ministries and Agencies whose title is "Policy Analyst", they are paid ..... Yep! You've got it! They are paid to read the policies that . . . . What's more, there are THOUSANDS of these policy people around the country!

What do YOU suggest we do with them?

PS an example of their thinking. A Minister suggested three years ago that there be a consolidation of work done in many ministries and agencies into a single place, so it was generally done once not six times per requirement. The Policy Manager who was assigned to make this happen said to a colleague (me) that it shouldn't take more than five years to get the policy framework developed so that work on the integration could begin! It is still going on and no action, other than casting words onto paper and holding meeting to discuss those words, has taken place. At last count by me there were 11 people working solely on this 'policy' development.