Sunday, 12 October 2008


The story of events is told here, more or less accurately in the Herald this morning

However, one critical piece in the story is missing - Winston attacked Hooton first.

Secondly we here believe that Hooton has now opened the floodgates.. Its about time more people followed his lead and stood up to Winston - his bully boy tactics have long been forgiven because of their side show value but its time for reporters, and commentators and indeed voters to stand up to him. Winston is only a wee shit remember , loud and narcissistic but still a little wee cowardly shit none the less, so why would anyone let him get away with being a bully?

We say well done Matthew - and watch Eye to Eye TV1 11.30am today

and here is Hootons blog on what really happened

We really like this bit

He kept calling me a liar. I kept calling him a liar.
Willie stood up and said “cut” (or words to that effect). In the
discussion about how to proceed after we were no longer recording, I told
Winston he was a “fucking cunt” - in retrospect, I accept that I left out
the important adjectives “lying” and “corrupt” between the other two
appropriate but more Anglo-Saxon words.


homepaddock said...

Bullies are cowards, they use their power to cower others but they deflate like pricked balloons when someone stands up to them.

P.S. If TV1 aren't paying you for publicity they should be - viewer numbers are going to well up because of your promos :)

Anonymous said...

I think Jackson is questionable..he told Winston Trotter was on but in fact it was Hooten...thats stirring trouble and he shouldnt have done that.
Winston believes the matter with the police etc has nothing to do with him ..just his party. He is exonerated. For Hooten to actually call him a FC on tv over that is unbelievable.
Hooten a simply isnt up to his job if he can swear on television for a start. Secondly the issue is pretty minor.
I think Hooten needs to take a good look at his professionl status...because its far from something to be proud of