Tuesday, 21 October 2008


We have always admired Armstrong - he is fair minded and has a bloody good brain and can cut through the mire of of any issue and get to the heart of it. His column this morning in the Herald is a great example of that - well written - very readable and on the button.

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Spam said...

So the Green's philosophy is to find a party that already has err... the same goals as the Greens?

Is this a vote to work with Labour in Parliament, an endorsement for all Green supporters to vote labour instead, or a suggestion that the Greens should just abandon ship and formally join labour?

i.e. they are missing the point. They should work with whichever party will allow the GREENS to implement GREEN policy. Not whichever party will implemement their own policies that the Greens like.

Not that I care. Remember: A vote for Green is a vote for Winston. A vote for Labour is a vote for Winston.