Friday, 3 October 2008


And a bit of conspiracy theory chucked in for good measure

Media Trivialise Crucial Elections - Peters

Rt Hon Winston Peters has accused a number of media outlets of trivialising
general election coverage to the point of mindless banality.
This follows a request from a Sunday newspaper for Mr Peters to discuss whether he owns an iPod and the type of music he likes to listen to on it.
Earlier Mr Peters had been asked about his pets and whether he would be interviewed cooking dinner for radio pensioner Paul Holmes.
“While the Western world lurches into economic meltdown, while tens of thousands of jobs are threatened, while a New Zealand company is embroiled in an international scandal, the media airheads wandering off into cuckoo-land.
“If anyone ever thought for one nanosecond that the newspaper industry was into thoughtful and serious analysis of the issues facing New Zealand, my suggestion is that they should think again.

“The newspapers are generally lightweight ‘infotainment’ and publicity
brochures for the National and Maori parties,” said Mr Peters.

The sad thing is as I was waiting for a bus an lovely old woman decided I must look friendly enough to have a yarn to .. Unprompted she launched into a tirade about how everyone was picking on Winnie.

I suggested that maybe winnie had been a bit naughty over some money and she agreed - and then said " but none of that matters he just has such a cheeky smile and he has done so much for us oldies. "

I hope Clark goes even harder after the Grey vote..


pdm said...

Typo I think BB.

Radio presenter (or personality) Paul Holmes I think.

He is only about 60 so is not a pensioner and I doubt Winnie would see his vote - but then you never know do you.

wino said...

Should we be testing our pensioners for dementia before allowing them to vote I wonder...

kisekiman said...

The mindlessly banal are obviously all that remain of his constituency. Meanwhile the rest of the country just think he's a corrupt pathetic old tosser.

Spaz said...

Sometimes you are a trifle over-critical of our Winnie.

Indeed, when is the blinkered media going to do a fair investigation into Fonterra?

In our horse racing industry the Vellas are mere pups. Your assertions maintain that the elite valued from Winston's racing policy. Perhaps you should ask Otaki Maori RC if they have benefitted? And are they "elite?"

Those of us who think can only wonder who is behind your overtly anti-Winston campaign.

If they, or the so-called media investigators, took up the challenge you may well become a "Busted Blonde!

Ed Snack said...

Spaz, BB is far too light on Winston. He is a serial liar, cheat, and bribe taker. Quite why anyone would want to support such an overtly racist corrupt demagogue is beyond me.

And who really needs racing clubs, lovely institutions, really lovely, and about as appropriate for the future as a steam powered dinosaur. If people want racing clubs to survive, they'll support them so they can, they don't deserve automatic asistance because they exist. Don't force us Taxpayers) to support them against our will.

I'll tell you at least some people who are behind the "get Winston out of NZ Politics" campaign, those of us who think ethics and morality aren't a thing you deride in others for being naive about, but are something you can actually possess and act with.

pdm said...

spaz you worry me.

I have a married daughter, who lives in London, with the family nickname of spaz. Please confirm you are not her.