Friday, 10 October 2008


Queen Bee at wellingtonhive is back on form this morning after it was obvious by her late night posts that she got sozzled last night.

She points us to an interesting story about Money Laundering by Denise McNab and why NZ needs some money laundering legislation.

We here at the Prawn couldn't agree more.

We wonder just how vigilant our airport customs people are about large amounts of cash coming back from say, Las Vegas?

Where does the boxing fraternity put all its cash it wins at those big fights?


Anonymous said...

Why do you persist with the fiction that "Queen Bee" is a she?

pdm said...

Anon - perhaps I can assist.

All Queen Bees are she's. I have lived in rural communities or on farms almost all of my 62.5 years and have never heard of a transvestite Queen Bee.

sweetdisorder said...

Unlike team red, generally we here on the blue side stay the same sex we were born.