Wednesday, 8 October 2008


When I had a lot to do with the seafood industry on a daily basis, Shed Five was one of my favourite restaurants to take visitors from overseas and it still is a favourite for a special night out or a languorous long lunch.

My Auckland haunt remains Euro.

Simon Gault is one of the best and I will always remember an extra fine dish of Moonfish washed down with Dom Perignon, with my cousins from Bluff, at Euro , on the day they left to fly out for the Tua fight in Las Vegas... many years ago.

It was one of those days. They are crayfishermen, but the moonfish that day is a meal they still talk about.

I also remember a couple of great lunches there with the media Lothario, the late Rod Pederson - he knew food, wine and good times intimately. He introduced me to Te Motu of which I have a few bottles tucked away for drinking in the far future to remember him by.

So I was delighted to get an invite to a night out at Shed Five next week, which is part of the Gault stable the Nourish Group. The evening is called Aqualine 08 and it promises Gaults finest and champagne..

My favourite entree there is West Coast Whitebait with blond asparagus and aioli. Bliss!

And they do a nice turn with Alaskan King Crab for main.

so no blogging next Thursday ...

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Cactus Kate said...

Sounds fabulous. I agree re Gault entirely. Shed 5 is wonderful but Euro...never had bad service or a bad meal there. Love the duck pancakes currently...well as at my last trip there in April. The seafood is normally delicious as well. Not a huge fan of the chicken and mash, as its so large it is inedible.

Will totally be back there next trip.