Monday, 13 October 2008


I nearly choked on my vogels this morning after reading the headline on Stuff - Sure the govt has backed a deposit guarantee scheme -

So bloody what!!! they had to - they had no bloody choice, but to dress it up and serve it as some inspirational strategic move - is to treat voters like dorks and they are not.

I am watching Clark on Breakfast - relaxed and all smiley - cant see why - the polls aren't good, the people are sniffy and she still has to defend a corrupt Winston - that would give me heartburn.

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mawm said...

The Deposit Gurantee Scheme

- is way overdue (the rest of the civilised world already has one),

- is too late anyway and is like closing the door after the horse has bolted (ask all those who have lost money in the collapse of many of the the Finacial Institutions),

- and will be paid for by us anyway with our taxes (and not the goverment like Labour would like you to believe).