Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The Australian has a very interesting story on climate change and a low tech solution to beef and sheep emissions - Eat Kangaroo!

It was proffered by Garnaut - the Prof who wrote the blueprint for the Aussie response to climate change.

Now if we mirror this here in NZ we should be looking at eating:
Possums, yuck ( use lots of herbs, make sausages),
Rabbits, yum( use a bit of cider)
Weka , (carrots and onions) very yum.
And or course more muttonbirds - ( onion, apple and sage stuffing)
I like this idea...

Mind you, all the above foods are well known for producing flatulence so Im not sure how that will be measured and factored in.

I knew the Aussies would come up with a much more workable solution for Climate Change.

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