Friday, 17 October 2008


The racist comments by our Minister of Foreign affairs have been picked up world wide.

At a time when the world is in a rocky state we cant afford for our country to be perceived to be racist.

The Prime Minister need to procatively counter this appalling xenophobic and racist attack on one of our most essential trading partners.

It appears the international media a cyncial of the reasons for this attack on Asians but none the less it should not be tolerated

Immigrants are attracted to New Zealand "like moths to a neon light" during rough economic times, Peters said, and vowed to address the issue if re-elected.

"Immigration numbers will be cut to ensure Kiwis do not have to compete with immigrants for jobs as our economy goes into decline," Peters said.

Peters, who was suspended in August for involvement in a fraud scandal involving his New Zealand First Party, has used similar rhetoric before to try to win political support.

More here the Age in the AGE,


Anonymous said...

The above is a very hysterical poorly-written response. I don't have anytime for Peters, but it is election time and he is entitled to have his opinions reported. It is also wrong to repeat the claim that Peters was "suspended" - he was not - he stood aside voluntarily. Also, the SFO has determined no fraud was committed so that claim should not be repeated.

bustedblonde said...

The comments you refer to were written in the Melbourne AGE.

It is the perception of the International media that I am concerned about.

The NZ Herald also covered the same issue, as the Peters attacks have been widely reported in Asia as well.

So if you think that the Age writes hysterically then take it up with them.

And if he went "voluntarily" surely he can make the decision to return.

I await him making a statement that he has decided to return as Foreign Affairs Minister forthwith.

Anonymous said...

This story was written here in New Zealand & distributed overseas via the Press Association newswire (hence "PA" at the end of the story). The only country to publish the story in English was Australia. If you know anything about the western media you would know that that is how stories are re-published globally. The story is not the view of "The Age". or any other foreign newspaper, it is simply the writings of an un-named journalist in New Zealand, republished without comment, overseas.

Peters is not fit to be an MP and on current polling it is very likely he and his party will not be returned to Parliament. By re-publishing the comments he makes you have played into his hands and given him publicity which will appeal to some people.

It is better that Peters is ignored and his comments un-reported. His views are more likely to attract votes to him, rather than lose votes. NZ First has raise Immigration as an election issue for the last four elections, it's nothing new.

Peters is still a Minister, he just has no portfolios, so the question of his returning of his own volition is not something for him to determine. The Prime Minister assigns portfolios and she has not assigned him any since he stood aside from the ones he had.