Friday, 10 October 2008


WOW , the old girl must have been out on the tiles last night and it appears from the quality of the posts on the Hive Queen Bee had a couple of glasses of Wycroft Pinot Noir too many.

She wants us to boycott TV3 because they have broadcast another one of the " secret " tapes that was made at the National Party conference.

Now poor old QB isn't a journalist and doesn't realise that todays independent media like TV3 is only interested in entertainment. And we think it is very entertaining TV. Duncan Garner is the best eye candy of any of the TV political presenters.

And Keeping Stock has fallen for Queen Bees drunken musings as well

We don't have a problem that TV3 aired another of the tapes because we know that TV3 , to ensure fairness and balance, will publish the tapes that the VRWC has "obtained " over the last month or so.

However we are prepared to sell them to the highest bidder, with money going to the Breast Cancer Foundation because QB has made such a tit of herself.

Please email if you would like to buy them.


Inventory2 said...

Now, now BB - Keeping Stock is quite capable of independant thought! The Inventory whare stopped watching 3News a couple of months ago when Duncan Garner (not Mrs I's fave eye-candy - she prefers TK on Shorty St!!) gave up all pretence of neutrality. The whare has chosen likewise with the Sunday Star-Times and will not purchase again - although Inv2 admits to browsing the online edition!!

chicken little said...

Love your labels on this post BB.

Hope you're sending those boys off today with a bloody good hangover.