Friday, 10 October 2008


NZ Herald has this

The Serious Fraud Office investigation into NZ First has found no fraud but says other laws may have been broken.

The SFO announced in August that it was to investigate donations to NZ First from Sir Robert Jones and the Vela family to find out whether they were used for the purposes the donors intended.

Despite finding no fraud, Director Grant Liddell said the laws relating to electoral returns may not have been complied with.

"The SFO investigation has determined that there is no basis for the laying of fraud charges relating to the donations that were channelled through the Spencer trust," Mr Liddell said.

"The way they were dealt with does raise questions about other possible breaches."

NZ First leader Winston Peters has always denied any wrongdoing and said it would take "about five minutes" to exonerate his party.

Much to be expected really but its time for the " other possible breaches to be dealt with"

Clark says she would reinstate him if he was found innocent by the SFO, so we will watch with interest to see if she lied or will reinstate him.

Hooton has another take on the issue here


Madeleine said...

I think Winston's universe has a different time zone to ours.

pdm said...

Time now for the Audier General to step forward and deal with the irregularities.