Monday, 6 October 2008


Mark Weldon is saying it at Stuff

Fran O'sullivan is saying it in the Herald

And Gareth Morgan says we are " Unbelievably Exposed"

ad we agree - we need to hear from both political parties about what their strategy will be to counter the global credit crisis - we are burying our collective heads in the sand if we think that its not going to trickle down and impact on the families on Struggle street.

We can't afford to wait and then have to do a patch up job like the bail out the US has just voted on. They waited until their country was on its knees. And it is clear it might be too little too late.

We are a very small nation and we depend on exports for our economic survival so we must to plan to protect our fragile existence on the global stage.

We need leadership
We need a strategy
We need to hear from Clark and Key this week.


adamsmith1922 said...

Ok, so I will blow my own trumpet, but leadership is something I have been banging on about in several posts recently- this one is perhaps a summary.
Weldon was right in his comments on Morning report as was Prof Bowden in another segment where he pointed out that Labour had effectively been overspending for all their time in office, thus making a standard Keynesian response less effective.

It is in these circumstances that past poor quality spend by Clark/Cullen will be shown up for the nonsense it is.

Bowden also criticised Cullen's practice of using current income to pay for capital spend contrary to rational argument.

pdm said...

We have a couple of people with experience in the Global financial world hopefully coming into positions of influence from 8 November. Everybody knows about John Key but Craig Foss also has international Merchant Banking experience. Tim Groser is another with world wide experience albeit more in the trade area.

Aided by the political experience of Sir Roger Douglas and Rodney Hydes economic background we have the basis for some solid economic forward planning after the election.

adamsmith1922 said...

Agree pdm, I think Groser on trade will be especially useful

Pique Oil said...

We needed a strategy a long time ago and now may just be a tad late. That we didn't have one, and still don't is going to cause havoc on our economy.
Globalism may also be very fragile in the new era of credit squeezes, which will hurt us even more.
Key was a trader and that may be our only hope. Certainly the history teacher didn't learn anything from the past, and we are going to pay for that.

pdm said...

pique oil

You are right about the History teacher not learning anything from the past and of course he had no idea how to plan ahead.

Planning ahead, guided to a small extent by the past, is going to be the way forward.

One can just see it really - 3 or 4terms of a National/Act based government getting everything back on track and the economy running prosperously and the populace will throw them out for the next generation of left wing loonies to stuff it all up again.

Sucah are the vagaries of NZ politics.