Saturday, 1 November 2008


We love this at the standard They are so bloody desperate they are chasing the rats and mice vote on the extreme left. Their polling must be pitiful. Good to see them put up a post on Winston though - but because they dont know the truth -- their speculation on motive is crazy.- silly little boys..... Do they not know that there are some people in this country who just hate corruption and just want to see justice done?


Anonymous said...

Yes... scabbing 0.3% of the vote off a rag-tag bunch of commies, weirdos and fringe freaks will really help the Hydra back into power. Not.

mawm said...

The comment under that poster is so true - how many have now died in the name of Communism? 200-300 million or so? Gee GW, all the deaths the left like to blame you for does not even appear on the screen compared to this number.

Anonymous said...

Democratic socialism is not communism.

Anymore than voting for National or New Zealand First means you're are a Nazi. I could say that but it wouldn't be true. You can say that because someone supports union rights or decent wages they are a communist (stalinist) but it wouldn't be true either.

As a democratic socialist I'm offended but not surprised at the stupidity and lack of basic education that tries to somehow "link" democratic socialism or some kind of control by the working people of their lives with Stalin or Pol Pot

You need to wake up to a few simple equations.

During its establishment, capitalism has caused the deaths of millions, along with established religion.

For example – slavery - used to build up capitalism over hundreds of years and what the "home of liberty" the USA was founded on. Tens of millions of deaths over centuries.

Imperialism and colonialism by capitalist "freedom loving" nations - in America, Asia, Africa and Europe, hundreds of millions of deaths from exploitation, disease and poverty caused by the plunder of ruling elites and "business people" who profited from it

Modern day capitalism - the use of poor and unfree people throughout the world to work for poverty wages to supply cheap goods and ramp up profits for the capitalists, who need more swimming pools than the workers need health care, housing, or education for their children.

Finally I can't imagine how anyone could be so completely blind and ignorant to think that a system that is polluting the world and its oceans, destroying our resources and treating most of the population as disposable commodities has any future whatsoever. Time is running out. The current depression just shows how greed and selfish short term profit for a few fat cats is indefensible.

The world needs socialism because socialism is about putting people first not money.