Saturday, 1 November 2008


Winnies done for - his sycophants have decided enough is enough. The Herald on Sunday is expected to roll out a story this morning on calamity inside NZ First in the wake of the revelations by the Dom Post's Phil Kitchin


EJA said...

Peters made an interesting remark about helicopters there.

"I've proved it to the SFO, I've proved it to the Electoral Office, I'll prove it with the police, and still they go on with their tissue of lies," he told the Herald on Sunday. "Did you see me flying round in a helicopter? Who would try and campaign out of a helicopter?"

Winston Peters would.

"The day's eclectic crowd ranged across all ages and included a surprise visit from Racing Minister Winston Peters, who arrived from Nelson by helicopter."

"Now TGIF Edition has learned of a possible further donation to NZ First – this time from Nelson fishing industry magnate Peter Talley. TGIF was told Talley donated the use of a corporate helicopter worth $1,500 plus GST per hour, to Winston Peters for a series of flights around the upper South Island during the 2005 election campaign"

TGIF Sep 05 2008

Anonymous said...

Isn't Peter Talley a part time resident in European climes as well.
So we have, Glen, Talley, Vela, Lui,
North Korea with special Rice (alias Condy),Russian ships, Summinovich, Prawns, fish, Meaurant, fish,flash yachts,racehorses, helicopters,
Tax havens,Trust funds et al.
No about common denomiators. Mr Peters, Mr Henry.

Sounds like serious fun to me.
Oh I nearly forgot.
Traveling from Geneva to Monaco would Rome be far out of the way?

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the now silenced BATMAM.!!!

Anonymous said...

These guys in the Seafood industry are so arrogant - they could buy anything, along with the co-operation of the Labour Party President.