Saturday, 1 November 2008


Today is the day Roarprawn and Bustedblonde hoped would come. We got word late last night that Phil Kitchin was to break the Winston - Vela donation scandal wide open. We posted the picture of Euminedes at midnight.

There is nothing in the stories that surprises us. We knew all along what had happened, we just never had enough documentation.

Years ago, one of the Prawns had a conversation with Philip Vela about working with politicians and making sure that they did their best for the Seafood industry.
Velas comments were chilling.
He said simply - "Dont worry about Winston - I own him."

We never forgot it and, as the years past , like so many others, we saw Winston for what he was - corrupt.

Congratulations to Phil Kitchin .

Now I just hope that every branch of Grey Power get out there and says to its members to think very carefully before they vote.
Our country is largely corruption free and if Winston is not returned to parliament it will remain so.

Read the the full stories here


Heine said...

I wish more than anything that this is the smoking gun that will wipe out Winston - but we all know that we have enough idiots in NZ who believe that he is a misunderstood Messiah. We just need something like this about Helen and the job will be done for good!

alex Masterley said...

All that Muerant has to do now is simply release copies of the tapes.

Barnsley Bill said...

The very existence of the tapes is the one thing that will keep peters hidden away over the next few days..
Normally he would be slapping papers on everybody. Not once since this whole drama started back in Feb has he tried to sue anybody.. That very fact tells us more than any leaked emails, memos or taped conversations.

Anonymous said...

Meurant is apparently asking for $ for the tapes. He is in NZ at the moment.

A nasty creature indeed.

Anonymous said...

Our country is largely corruption free and if Winston and Labour are not returned to parliament it will remain so.

Labour - who's vaunted coalition building skills come down to bribing other parties with Owen Glenn's money.

Labour - funded by the unions when funding to National is made illegal by the EFA

Labour - who have moved the police and army and "civil service" to direct political control.

compared to Labour - Winston is small-fry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prawn - the spelling mistakes in your blog bother me - for a communications person I would expect better.