Friday, 6 March 2009


The UK Guardian has a nice piece on what people do and what people say they do.

65 % of all people claim to have read books they haven’t.

We have been involved in surveying the egg eating habits of New Zealanders and there is a big difference between who says they buy free range eggs and how many free range eggs are sold.

And last week MACDOCTOR wrote a blog about the trouble with the Ministry of Health stats on Smoking - it is clear from his analysis that people who say they aren’t smoking still are.

So we reckon t if you surveyed NZ’ers now about how they voted there would be many more who voted for National than actually did...

And for Gossip around the traps and other random stuff

Names in the hat to replace Leith Comer ( we think he will go before the years out)

Ø Peter Douglas.

Ø Wally Stone

Ø Parekura Horomia.

  • We have heard that Wira Gardiner is scoping out replacements as we speak.
  • And who is the ubiquitous Tailor of Panama Street?
  • Isn’t it about time someone in the media did a history lesson on the fate of the Development Finance Corp for all the people who will be making decisions on how the govt intervenes in the money markets?
  • Why isn’t the government folding the responsibilities of the Ministry of Womens Affairs into the Ministry of Social Development ?
  • And to all the mycologists out there - why aren’t there any mushrooms in the Wairarapa ( well we have only had one feed so far)
  • And what would happen AIG collapsed?
  • and why wont Mark Solomon go and speak to each runaka on each of their marae instead of requesting a pow wow in Christchurch - does anyone else think thats a bit arrogant?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What would happen if AIG collapsed?

Other insurers would compete to buy the remaining assets and life would go on. Stock holders would pay the price for allowing shonky management to go on for so long. Policy holders would be OK so long as AIG had been using reputable external re-insurers. As far as I'm aware, they do.

wino said...

Heck and here's me denying ever opening the cover of some of the trash I read....

Did the freerange eggs include the home produced ones?

Everyone has now realised they were anti the Springbok tour at the time of course, I'm not sure how those workplace heated morning tea arguments requiring split tea breaks ever happened since we now know everyone was opposed.

Have you had enough rain for the mushies yet?

adamsmith1922 said...

Some initial thoughts from me BB, on the newly released Immigration report