Friday, 6 March 2009


This Maori think tank is meeting today - the Hui Taumata at Te Papa. ( one of the most expensive places to hold a conference) We wonder what the future holds for this August body.

Here are the members of the Task Force

  • Leith Comer
  • Professor Ngatata Love
  • June McCabe
  • Rob McLeod
  • Phil O’Reilly
  • Sir Tipene O’Regan
  • Sir Paul Reeves
  • Tumu Te Heuheu
  • Ross Wilson

Now we Maori are pretty good at hui -ing and it appears that this group has been very good at hui -ing but there seems to be a dearth of activity ( the Doee- ing bit) past about 2006. ( if you can find evidence we will happily update.
We have heard that this Government may have a different view on their worth especially in light of being fully govt funded to the tune of at least a Million Bucks.


Dave said...

These guys need to do some do-ing not talking and drinking and hui-ing. All the best information on Maori development is dated about 2005. You've got to really scratch for anything accessable since that date.

LAMBCUT said...

It would be unjust not to deflect culpability from Phil O’Reilly with regard to his inclusion on the non-doee-ing list. Lambcut’s experience indicates that he and his staff at Bus. NZ are sound and diligent representatives on behalf of business and industry interests. Part of Bus NZ’s job is inter alia, by necessity, to attend such cluster fucks, so as to assess and report back. The cost to industry of engaging in such occasions is something that O'Reilly has raised often, with regret.

LAMBCUT said...

As an after thought: have you ever heard O'Reilly speak? His amusingly rapid fire, staccato style would leave the average Kalashnikov gasping, and would be counter-indicated as a contribution to time wasting talk fests.