Sunday, 8 March 2009


We finished our pickle making endeavours today - 20 pints later. Half piccalilli and and half bread and butter. We will have to buy lots of cheese to accompany the pickles and any guests will duly leave with a jar of BB's finest. We went to the Masterton boot sale this morning - its a regular Sunday market of all sorts of goodies. Its not just top end foodie stuff like the one on the Saturday - this one has junk, cheap veg, plants, books and crap.

Today we bought a dozen home made melt in your mouth chockie chippie bikkies for $2 from a lovely old lady who has got to be about 80. She does a mean raspberry jam and her red pepper jelly ( all for $2 dollars ) are staples in the pantry.

We also bought 10 jute and hessian sacks for various reasons, some honey comb and a brand new mat for $10.

Now we also support the local economy as much as possible and that includes buying the inky fingers version of the delightfully parochial Wairarapa Times Age.

However, the Aussie Rock burst out laughing when he read the headline for the Saturday paper -

We had just spent some time saying that we reckoned all evidence pointed to the father Robin Bain.

The Times Age taking a dollar each way perhaps?

Then we burst out laughing this morning when we spied a delivery vehicle for Liquorking
On the top of the front windscreen it read "LIQUOR, SHE WILL LOVE IT !"

Of that we have no doubt.

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LAMBCUT said...

Also several Sunday beers later, and on an entirely useless information basis, Lambcut wishes to inform BB that jute and hessian is the same thing.

(Lambcut will let readers in on a secret - BB is a wannabe rustic). In any event, she undoubtedly means she bought a mix of 10 jute/hessian burlap bags and polypropylene burlap bags.

For the record, it’s a big deal to the environmentally aware genuine rustic. Jute is biodegradable whilst polypropylene can be buried for hundreds of years and still be dug out of the ground in pristine condition.