Tuesday, 3 March 2009


We agree. The Press Story canvases the same issues that we revealed here and here.

However it is Solomons reaction to the media we found interesting. Here's the reaction the Press got:
Approached about the increase last week Solomon said: "Did I [get it]? How come they didn't tell me about it. I'm not going to talk to you about that man. It's rubbish. How dare you. Get off the line. Goodbye."

He treated them like shit, he treated his own whanau like shit and he treated Wally Stone like shit. Wow - he reminds me of that other politician well known for his integrity, humility and wisdom - Winston Peters

Today Ngai Tahu is in Wellington to celebrate 10 years since the settlement. They will meet the government - we wonder if the Kaiwhakahaere is more measured in his responses to the press gallery he will undoubtedly face this evening.

They need to ask a couple of questions - Why wont he resign?
Why did he give himself a pay increase in the middle of a recession?

When he goes two things must happen. There needs to be an independent audit over governance issues. The iwi will not move forward until it can trust again in those at the "Table"

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