Monday, 2 March 2009


On the way to the Dockside we discovered that Rex Morgans lovely restaurant Citron is going to eventually be based in the new WaterMark building at the wharf end of Taranaki St.

The good news today was that the Bluff oysters served up by "Norm the oyster shucker" at Dockside were superb. Interestingly we were expecting them to be around the $55 a dozen. They were plated at $40 a doz any way you liked. We had a doz natural and a doz tempura.

The bad news was that Dockside was only half full. Now we have been at most "Start of the oyster season" days at the Dockside and we have in the past had to settle for being on the waiting list. So times are getting tough. Even tough for us, as it will be our last visit to Dockside for some time but with the sun shining good company and the chance to eat one of the finest seafoods of the world, it was a nice day to reminisce of better times.

The sad news is that Sealords is laying off about 160 staff.
We were a bit shocked when we heard this earlier today but are confident that rationalisation will put the company in a stronger position to weather the economic storm on the horizon.


Cactus Kate said...

Shame on you for tempura.

Natural is the only way to eat Bluffys.

And you do know that oysters do NOT soak up alcohol well at all.

kehua said...

Raw in the raw or Bluff in the buff CK/BB washed down with Campari Soda. Enjoy.

Cactus Kate said...

Does that translate to BB drank Campari with tempura Oysters?

I would have her badge for that if I was at Dockside.

Atrocious bro.