Wednesday, 1 April 2009


A Fisheries observer on board a NZ fishing boat decided to play a prank and sends an email to his boss saying they had dredged up a fresh human arm in the trawl net this morning.

Anyway, the company owner is informed and reports the macabre catch to the police and lets them know the ship will dock next Tuesday.

Police took it seriously and even more seriously when they realised it was a hoax.

Red faces all around we here and a keel hauling is on the cards. We have the emails.

For a $1000 donation to the IHC we will release them.


homepaddock said...

Oh dear - there's a fine line between a joke and trouble.

Anonymous said...

Refer it to John so he can remind the socialists, nut cases et al that he's in charge now and we are once again allowed to have fun. Especially on Fools Day,which is after all what this was all about. But we should have guessed, the bloody socialists have removed Fools Day from the calender and the education system just so no one would recognize them, (the socialists I mean.)
God it will be good to be able to laugh at ourselves again some day,SOON!!!!