Thursday, 2 April 2009


This headline in the Dominion is a crock.

"Cherish dies after St Johns Delay"

So there may have been delays and thats bad. But she was killed by human hand not some systemic fault.

So while St Johns may have some questions to answer, they did not kill her. Her death sentence had already been dished out by the person who bashed her tiny head in.

The Dominion needs a kick in the arse for the way they have portrayed this story.
Crap journalism, crap speculation and it takes the focus away from the perpetrator of this heinous crime.


Pique Oil said...

Take pity on the poor journos. For nine years they have had their articles prepared for them, courtesy of Dear Leader and co.
Now the poor darlings have to engage the grey squishy stuff betwixt their ears.
A difficult enough task for many, without the worries over falling readership and job security.
As for the tosser that is the "family spokesman" perhaps he should take a step back and look at the situation a tad before opening his mouth.
If the child had not suffered the head injury the Ambulance would not have been needed. The murder charge is probably a police beat up in his opinion as well.
Next we will probably hear the police getting blamed for causing it all in the first place, or some similar bullshit.

Inventory2 said...

Amen to that BB!

Anonymous said...

An assault on a child is never acceptable. However, it comes as no surprise that St John may have stuffed up in not calling a helicopter early enough. They do it all the time and there have been some horrendous stuff ups in care of sick people because of their attitude toward rescue helicopters. I know of one case where a highly qualifed DOCTOR called for a helicopter because of the nature of the injuries suffered in an accident in a rural location, only to be over ruled by St John because one of THEIR paramedics hadn't got there yet.

observer said...

Well said BB

Oswald Bastable said...


St John's are reluctant to call helicopters because ACC like to decline payment for using them.

Dave said...

Dont blame the jounros, Blame the subbies who write headlines after reading the first paragraph only... And the first paragraph is written in such a way so as to get everybody except sups to read the rest of the story.

DavidC said...

outrageous NZ has declined to the situation where a childs murder is less important than a dig at St Johns. I moved here from the UK 20 years ago and the thing that struck me most about NZ is what great care and importance you placed on children unlike the UK. Its sad but the country needs to take a look in the mirror to see where it has descended too.

LAMBCUT said...

With you BB. It's not St John, it's not the police, it's just bloody awful.

LaFemme said...

I knew we were going to miss George Bush as the global family angst-bearer, but to lay blame on the ambulance service is perverse!

Anonymous said...

Oswald. You are partly right. St John doesn't get paid by ACC if it doesn't attend accidents, hence they always go first - particurly in Auckland where Westpac employs its own paramedics.

Medical cases come out of its funding from the Ministry of Health.

There has been much reported on this case before this story, where have you all been?