Tuesday, 7 April 2009


According to Stuff the Parole Board is giving some hope to one of the country's most vile rapists that he may get out.

While they have ruled out his release this time they are impressed with his progress and have put him on a release programme.
That is insanity.

While in prison, Carroll had "endeavoured to keep his brain active" and had learnt Japanese, German and Russian. He impersonated a Russian seaman in 1987 before committing rapes.

The Parole Board decision said that Carroll enjoyed debating, attended Toastmasters and, while in Wellington Prison, was able to paint in his cell.

He is now working on the prison grounds in a low-security area in the joinery and is on the waiting list to move to a self-care unit and use the Release to Work programme.

He had accepted the need for counselling and talked to the board about the difficulties that he had on his last release, "especially involved in making decisions at all when most decisions are made for prisoners".

Message to the Parole board - don't even think about every letting this man out. He is just a smarter, more educated rapist. Close your eyes and think of your daughters and then open them and say no. We have worked with men like this and they just get more manipulative. He is never going to be rehabilitated. He is not safe. He has concentrated on learning skills that assist with social interaction and give him a veil of normalcy.

And the parole board has a duty to ensure that he never ever gets out.

The only kindness that the Board should give him is to tell him that it will never let him out.

And if this is the measure of the Parole Board then it needs cleansed of the left leaning soppy dorks who are making decisions like this which will ultimately put innocent women at risk.

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