Thursday, 9 April 2009


This story on Stuff probably epitomises all that our country can be. With the vast numbers of cultures and religions it makes sense to expose our children to the various aspects of all walks of life.
A year ago this would have been difficult to celebrate because of the cloying Political correct thinking that seeped into every corner of society.
So the simple act of sharing a hot cross bun and explaining its religious significance and drinking some sugar laden chocolate milk as a treat at school takes on much more importance. It ensures that our society becomes more tolerant and our children grow up understanding why some people do different things but different isn't bad its just really interesting.


Marty Mars said...

Hear hear BB. Celebrating differences and freedom is what it's all about, because, after all, - we are all different.
Only one issue - I am struggling to find a decent hot cross bun!

LAMBCUT said...

Cultural diversity: In sha' Allah. Oy! A mentsh tracht und Gott lacht.