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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kronic Cant

"Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says the government will have the ability to severely limit the sale of synthetic cannabis product Kronic within weeks."

“... They will need to prove that their products are safe or they will not be able to sell them”.

"He said that advice from the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD) has to date been that Kronic has been a low health risk.." - TV3 Website

"We have launched a very special set of deals to clear out our stock and allow you the chance to get your hands on our stash! Once you’ve bought it, you can hold onto it for as long as you like and use it whenever you want!" - Kronic

"I was ‘really’ f****d up far more than cannabis could ever do, which was fine."

"I want to go outside to have a cigarette, so I grab my cigarettes and head outside, but then once I get outside I realize that I have forgotten my drink, so I go back inside and stare at my drink for a few seconds before realizing that I need to take it outside to enjoy my cigarette with my drink." - Kronic customer feedback

"We believe that producing a potentially less harmful cigarette, particularly one supported by public health authorities, could contribute to reducing the net harm of tobacco use."

"Along with the pleasures of smoking there are real risks of serious diseases such as lung cancer, respiratory disease and heart disease, and for many people, smoking is difficult to quit.

Smoking is a cause of various serious and fatal diseases, including lung cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and heart diseases." - British American Tobacco

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Peter Dunne is in the thrall of ground hunters. He is spitting vitriol over helicopter hunting of deer, chamois and tahr from Helicopters. He calls it barbaric and inhumane.

“For years helicopter operators have got away with this inhumane, barbaric practice and now DoC have not only legitimised it, but they have given it priority over other forms of recreation.”

“The real hypocrisy is that for wilderness areas such as the Adams, Hooker Landsborough and Olivines where other people are not even allowed fly-in access DoC has allowed heli-hunters an unprecedented right to use helicopters.”

His argument around helicopter access for all in remote areas is very valid but his claims that helicopter shooting is inhumane and barbaric are just fatuous and silly.

A helicopter doesnt kill the animals - a bullet does. Just as a bullet kills from a gun from a ground shooter.

Bullet enters animal - animal dies - not matter where it comes from.

The ground hunting industry is being very precious. Many large estate owners sell hunting rights to smaller blocks - in what is known in the trade as " paddock assassinations."

So it doesn't matter if you take a cut lunch and a compass or a cut lunch compass and a chopper - the result is the same - dead animals - in fact Helicopter hunting is far more efficient. Much of the territory that both the chamois and tahr occupy is hell in the hills. Even a skills tramper is going to have trouble accessing it.

What Mr Dunne is overlooking is that helicopter hunting brings in some serious dollars for New Zealand. People pay big money for the chance to ping off a big game beast from an aerial armchair.

And shooting from a chopper isn't easy. In fact it can be quite difficult - it requires a degree of skill and nerve by the pilot and shooter.

These animals are recognised as a resource now but the fact remains, their numbers need to be kept under control so more hunting is good. And helicopters have a serious part to play in keeping numbers down to a manageable level.

Shooters from choppers can also target the best trophies as well - and we wonder if its not a little jealousy on the part of the ground hunting lobby that is coming into play here.

There is no " ripoff" as everyone is paying their dues and there is a win - win in terms of animal management.

So Mr Dunne - we want to know - is you puffy posturing on this related in any way to donations you are getting from a small segment of the hunting community?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


    • I caught some of Breakfast this morning and even though Roydon is a nice clean cut guy, it isn't really the same without madman Henry
      about an hour ago ·

    • Has anyone entertained the faint possibility that Henry actually thought--mistakenly but genuinely--that the current GG was foreign-born Indo-Fijian, and was simply wondering if the next guy might therefore be more of a local (anglo) yokel? It would be quite conceivable for a Fijian television host to make a similar mistake in an interview if that country's ceremonial leader happened to be an anglo-saxon.
      about an hour ago ·

    • I wondered the same thing. Mainly cos the GG does sound a bit foreign.
      about an hour ago ·

    • Isn't that the truth, Tina? And if we were discussing this a couple of weeks ago over a drink, one or both of us might have said the same thing, made the same mistake, and then realised soon enough that, gosh, he is NZ born after all. Would...See More

      about an hour ago ·
    • Agreed. And the more I watch what was said the more I think that was the case. He is still the best gippo presenter on tv. And if u want to see commedians that push boundaries people shud watch 7 days on tv3 on fri nites
      58 minutes ago ·

    • Leave it out, he deserves everything he gets, actualy we all do.
      56 minutes ago ·

    • what did Clint Eastwood say in Unforgiven after the young fella shot someone and said .. he had it comin and Clint said "we all got it comin kid"
      54 minutes ago ·

    • bryson - thats pretty much somes it up - the most offensive pillock of the day award goes to peter dunne - the sanctimonious, slimey , uppity lillte no account mr so fricken boring. He is outraged. wow. and that from from Mr personality bypass. idjit.
      49 minutes ago ·

    • look at how many times Mark Ellis got himself in the shit and we still love him. Well most do. If Telly got rid of the Henry's and Maccas of this world then what a boring lot we would be .. give him his 2 weeks suspension and move on. A bit like a St George player getting a grade1 charge and doing his penance Tau??
      49 minutes ago ·

    • What a bunch of sanctimonious twats New Zealanders (real or imported) can be! And I gotta say, the office of this governor-general character might have shown a little more humour in its response, too.
      48 minutes ago ·

    • It's a bit of a double standard but - Hone Harawira gets a free pass when he calls us white motherfuckers, and that seemed a little less tounge in cheek that anything Paul Henry has ever said. This whole hoo-ha is about people trying to do some sort of moral preening for the cameras. I also have a rule of thumb that's served me well over the years - if John Minto is for something, then I'm against it! :)


nearly 52, 000 people have joined a facebook page supporting Paul Henry. So there. And only 32 of them are out of our 500 friends - so you could contend from that - this is not some right wing push for Paul Henry - his popularity is way more universal than that.

There is no way that Paul Henry should be sacked. He is often silly, puerile, outrageous, edgy but he is funny. We need funny. He said something that was probably over the top - he apologised and he lost a couple of weeks wages. The worst of it is he has to suffer the media stalking him for a few days.

Despite him being all the above and despite the GG comment being over the top - we don't want to see him gone. He is simply the most engaging commentator we have on any broadcast medium. Marcus Lush is quirky, Willy and JT set out to be really provocative and their programme is no place for the feint of heart or soft of epidermis but Henry is still the best.

And we suppose we support Henry ts because we ourselves are known for being particularly garrulous , often down right insensitive, occasionally funny and always opinionated. And we have offended many people over the course of our life. Sometimes we regretted it sometimes we didn't.

So we think that it is totally absurd for the holier than thou brigade to don their cloak of righteousness and call for Henry's sacking.

Fuck off we say. Yes Henry is a dick, yes he is often a purile idiot, yes he is offensive and what he said about the GG was cringeworthy. But he has been punished. End of story.

And for all the holier than thou people who have condemned Henry - keep yelling out your outrage - - it will give us time to research all the pathetic shite you have spouted.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Its August 1999 - A bitter winter chills the National Party as they face the prospect of losing the looming election.

Ross Meurant is working for Philip Vela. Vela is one of the great pioneers of the New Zealand Deep Sea Fishery - he is a big man who likes getting his own way fast. He is a heavy weight in the Fishing Industry Association the FIA - the big quota owners of the industry. The FIA was to have been dissolved with the formation of the inclusive Seafood Industry Council ( Seafic.) However they don't and for a while there is an internal war within the Seafood industry for power.

Meurant, employed specifically to get traction on some big ticket policy items for Vela reports on his progress each week. We have copies of those reports and screeds of other correspondence on a number of issues, about fishing, tax, the Rodney district council and other stuff like the insiders guide to NZ First. More on that soon.

The job Meurant was tasked to do for Vela was what became known as the " UN fish issue" a crap piece of legislation that put New Zealand flagged vessels at a disadvantage. Seafic was lobbying on the same issue.

So Meurant lobbied , as he was paid to do for Vela - the Leader of United NZ Peter Dunne to vote against the bill and the contentious UN clause.

Dunne, on the 16th of August 1999 states the Meurant position in a press release and calls on the government to " think again" on the bill.

However, Meurant gets sidetracked and instead of just lobbying politicians on the issue he takes a crack at a couple of the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council senior staff. In an effort to curry favour, he tells his boss he is going to discredit some of the Seafic staff knowing it will be music to Vela's ears.

From the Meurant report dated 22 August 1999

"In respect of my feeding a "scare" into the system i.e making it known that I have material on both ( John) Valentine ( the then CE of Seafic) and (Tony ) Craig (the then head of policy and strategy) relating to their competence and integrity respectively, this is just to remind them they don't have all the muskets. A calculated initiative you might speculate, but I don't have anything to lose. "

His final note at the end of the report is this:

Note: I appreciate it is not my money I am dealing with when I make suggestions such as follows but I do believe that there is much merit in providing Peter Dunne with $5000 towards his election campaign fund. It would be helpful for me on Wednesday if I were in a position to advise him that a donation had been approved.
Who said politician was not a dirty word!

Dunne was paid the $5000 in October 1999. Despite putting out the press release he eventually voted for the bill.
Dunne denied being paid for policy to both to the Dominion and in this curious interview he did with local journalism students on the issue.

For the record we worked with both Valentine and Craig. They are both highly competent and men of integrity.

Is there more? - yes.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


You can be an elf.. Big News got this pic at the local fair...

Its just plain wrong...

Sunday, 6 September 2009


We watched with great interest the interview Paul Holmes did with Dr Jan Pryor, the CE of the Families Commission on Q and A .

At first she was very clear that the organisation was not a lobby group, but later in the interview talked about lobbying on some issues. That alone should have them disbanded. They are apparently there to offer contestable advice and as David Farrar points out, decided that they should even have a say on the Maori seat Super City issue. Bless them. That is casting their policy net way to wide.

Now we concede that the one thing that the commission has done well was the mass media It's Not Okay, TV campaign.

However, that ad campaign could have been commissioned by any of a number of agencies.
And the kudos for that campaign should go to the Ad company that developed it.

We have also taken a look at their annual statement of intent. It seems that it costs $8 mil to run this 40 strong agency of policy twonks.

It all about producing reports. Lots and lots of bloody reports.

They do intend to spend $3.7 million on the very successful Its not Ok campaign and the White ribbon against domestic violence day, events this year.

We reckon that's money well spent. It's a very powerful campaign.

However their Statement of Intent also lauds the success of the "Couch" an online forum for families.They are very happy that an estimated 4500 families are involved.

What a bloody crock. They wont be the sort of families that really need help and guidance. Most of them will have sky and probably a play station but a good computer is a stretch. And after 2 years thats all they have and its only an " estimate" The last actual figure of families engaged in the Couch forum was quoted at 950.

So we reckon we are getting $3.8 mil of good spend from $8 mil and Thats Not Ok.

We hope that the government puts up a good candidate for Ohariu- Belmont to get rid of Peter Dunne and this white middle class sop to his white middle class "holier than thou" part'ys pretensions.

A campaign of the size of the "Its Not Okay" and the White Ribbon Day should keep one communications person busy with perhaps a half time support for a few weeks. It could easily be tucked under MSD.

In the meantime $4.5 -5 million is being wasted on crap - when it could be put to far better use.

And in these tough times that's definitely Not Ok.

Monday, 3 November 2008


Wellington Hive does a good job of joining the dots this morning in light of the Peter Dunne expose.
We agree, more questions need to be asked about Winstons visit to the FAO on his way to watching boxing in Las Vegas - a trip we reckon he didn't pay for.

Peters now is a PROVEN liar. With pictures. We cannot believe a thing he says or has said in the past. Not that WE ever did but too often he has been given the benefit of the doubt by the media and the general public and we wonder how long his own MP's will stand by him now.

And Helen continues to back a bone fide liar. - Well thats going to be a government you can trust - not.


Apparently. According to Stuff this morning Mr Dunne was a recipient of Velas largesse - What is really disturbing is Mr Dunnes selective memory. We remember the events pretty well. It was a very interesting time. We learnt a lot.
And it appears that Winstons memory is as holey as swiss cheese as well. We find it amazing that anyone can forget about flying in an helicopter and as Peter Talleys helicopter is pretty flash it would be pretty hard to forget flying in it. Or Velas chopper which had lovely leather seats in it - BB never forgot flying in Velas helicopter. We know him as a very generous man with a wonderful wine cellar and a lovely wee boat. Oh look! the Herald has a pic of the chopper! Maybe that will help Winston remember.

We also agree with the Greens - there is a need for an inquiry.

And we have been asked to moderate our language here at RoarPrawn by the Old Tassy devil - so we will - but we want to ask one more question - Where they bloody hell is the SFO?????

And we havent forgotten Hoki and a wee few bits and pieces which will no doubt see the light of day this week. We have just been a bit busy gardening and perusing old documents. Trouble is when they fade a bit they are hard to read. And there is just sooo many of them.

Ka Kite Ano BB

Monday, 27 October 2008


I agree with lots of what was said by almost everyone tonight except for Winston -

Its all feel good - hot button issue stuff.

But the idea of a government with the Creep Winston, the Greens, and Anderton and the Maori Party tagging along with Helen is appalling - they could not work together.. The Labour - Hydra is a cluster fuck.

We need stability - we need focus on the big issues that are facing this nation in a world that is tettering on shifting sand. So we cannot have a government that is reliant on giving in to some needy minor parties who want a goody bag of inconsequential and take us no where policies.

That being said - Tariana Turia is sha;ping up to be the politician of the election - she is a very wily old biddy..

And she and Hone Key get on VERY well and among Maoridom her loathing of Helen Clark is legend.

Friday, 17 October 2008


So , all of the constitutional experts and pol sci grads - is Dunne right or is he just hitting a voter hot button to garner some recognition?

Story here in the Herald ?

Update - Cicero is worth a look on this issue

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Bugger me, its about time Hooton and I had lunch again - he's getting all the good goss. Read his post on the shaky future of Peter Dunne.

Looks like Dunney's in the shit... so to speak.. the Nats are looking to clean up in Ohariu Belmont.

Katrina Shanks must be doing the biz with the door knocking... Go girl...