Friday 11 November 2011


We have two heifers of an age where calfhood is calling. One is a big rangy freisian called Missy - the other is a wee Angus called The Angus. 
Now we also have a steer known as Bullocky  who is destined for the freezer before Xmas. 

Now we know that the heifers are keen for a calf as they have been indulging in a  bit of lesbian tribbing and the steer seems to be keen to dry hump the girls - so its fair to say that all involved are happy campers.. 

So we have the lend of a bull. He maybe a dependabull, hopefully  loveabull and definitely  we need him to be rootabull.  
However there is  a small problem... He is a bit on the short side - so he has been wandering around the paddock looking a little forlorn despite the best come hither advances of the two heifer hussys. He is going to have to step up and in a flat paddock he has a bit of a handicap. 

So only time will tell if Harry the Hereford X will be up to quite a tall order..