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The Brunette wishes BustedBlonde all the best in her endeavours to win her weight (does NBR know what they are letting themselves in for ???!!) in Veuve Cliquot.. Her favourite tipple..

And as all her mates can attest - the bitch knows how to party!

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It shouldn't matter but Gillards ear lobes which look like little flacid penises are causing a bit of a stir... Weird they may be and the are fascinating the Aussies.

And then there is Tony Abbotts budgie smugglers. Yeck....

Wednesday 21 July 2010


This isn't very smart... We are big supporters of Powershop - a subsidiary of the SOE Meridian.

Meridian is a company that has managed to carve a nice wee niche out in the market by getting into " sustainable renewable energy projects" Project that are often subsidised.

Anyway, its a well known fact that this blog supports the government exploring the mineral potential of  this country .

So it was with some surprise that we find Meridian,  the Govt owned company, taking a swipe at the government on the Powershop website with an anti mining power pack. We think that this is very bad form.

They need a telling off..

Back to the list of products
No Mining sold out

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No Mining

Power to the People
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Use by
Purchase restrictions
Max: 1 pack per week
This product has sold out.

No Mining

Well done you lot. The people of New Zealand have spoken and the resounding response to our entreat to protect our free land is

"No Mining".

So, to celebrate there's a 'No Mining' special in store right now.

Power To The People.

Terms and Conditions

There are only a limited number of 'No Mining' Packs available and you can only purchase one pack per customer. Units must be used before the first time Powershop reviews your account after the "Use by" date.

Other products offers

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    Same electricity. Better Deals.
  • $49.95 Value Pack

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    Buy weekly for a better deal.
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    2010 Spring Power

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    Summer Power 2010/2011

    Summer sizzle!
  • September (2010) 750


Monday 19 July 2010


So... we needed  another string to our economic bow and the govt had decided   to be bold and take squizz and see what lies beneath our fair land in the way of minerals.

Sadly - hysterics from the left and the greens have  put paid to that. There is some room for criticism that the policy may not have been well presented. That the discrete areas that  the government wanted to consider for exploration were small in the scheme of things and that much of the mining could have be been done unobtrusively, were messages that were sluiced out of the PR pan.  Instead the country collectively developed the notion that holes like that of the Martha mine would make moonscapes of out National Parks thanks to the Greens and their misinformation.

Anyway we hope that the government has still left themselves some wriggle  room and has not closed the door completely on the opportunity to extract the mineral  wealth we desperately  need. Done  properly its not scary.
Not done at all is just a travesty.


This is such a great story on so many levels. We hate pokies - the are a drug for too many people on Struggle street.

So, in the far North in a little town of Horeke the local publican has biffed the pokie machines because they were sick of the way people were feeding them their weekly pay packets.
With the pokies here, people just thought this place was a bank. They'd get money out on their cards and put it straight into the machines."

By all accounts , its made the pub and undoubtedly the town a bit better place.
Regular Phil Campbell, however, said the punters who used to play the pokies most were the very ones who couldn't afford it.

"We had kids here going without breakfast and lunch."

This is no small step for a publican to take - Pokies are often a source of a large percentage of a pubs income. And this publican thought that maybe it was okay because the funds were going back to the community but that was not the case.

Problem Gambling Foundation chief executive Graeme Ramsey says only a small proportion of pokies spending returns to the community as grants.

Worse, the bulk of spending is in poor areas, such as Kaikohe, while much of the grant money goes to already well-off areas such as the Bay of Islands.

"They really are transferring money from poor to rich, from brown to white, from women to men," he says.

And it appears that the Far North , an area that regularly holds the title for being the worst in a raft of social statistics, is also the Home of Pokies

The Far North has one pokie machine for every 104 people aged 18 and over, well above the national average of one for every 156 people.

So good on Tunisia and Dawson Joyce. They have made a hard call but its one that simply makes them community heros.


You have the laugh when all the journalists can do for a front page lead is a " Could be, Might be" story.

Sort of a Seers shock horror. The 90 day employment issue fell victim to it this morning with headlines raging that the one day sickie could be mortally wounded by the proposed legislation. A worse case scenario is P for the doom merchants.

There is nothing so gross as the media acting like a pack of Salem witches..

The way we see it the law will stop Monday and Fridayitis - an affliction that is common to many workplaces. This law, if enacted, ( and remember its got to go through the select committee process) will give employers a tool to curb the habitual sufferers of said Monday and Fridayitis.

Actually, now there is a job for a cub reporter - find out from the Labour Department what are the days people are most likely to be sick.

And is there an increase in sickness after say a big sports event that is mid week and after midnite on telly?

This legislation will also give employers a tool for those people who think that you should find a reason to take all of the sick leave they are allocated.

And its a fair provision - if you are asked to get a doctors note the proposed legisalation requires the employer to pick up the tab.

So we think that its a great idea ( but then again we are a self described hard arse)

Bring it on..

Sunday 18 July 2010


First the good. The new 90 day employment proposal. It makes sense and will give a heap of people the chance of a job. The only down side is that it has woken Labour from its slumber. Goff looks like he has lead in his pencil again. This was the best debate on the topic today - on Marae..

The Bad ?  The Tua fight - its over for the Tuamanator... Sad but its a bit like the All Whites being unbeaten  - its pretty good but its not winning.

And the Ugly?

Well we reckon it has to the the growing revelations in the Hubbard Inc debacle...

Saturday 17 July 2010


This is probably one the the most important articles to be written so far on Hubbard Inc, the increasingly murky saga of The Great Southern Financier Allan Hubbard. Its
written by Bernard Hickey and if you do nothing else this weekend - read it.. Especially if live in the South Island.

It also backs up our contention that this story has a whiff of the Walter Mittys..

Friday 16 July 2010


Like most of the nation we have read the rather vitriolic column in the Herald of English writer Peter Bills.

Remember, he is a sports writer and most sports writers we know are purveyors of such fine things as beer and burgers.

Funny, we swear could hear the slight pommie whine in the voice of his column as he slammed us for being rip off central.

Well, we think he does make some good points but some of his assessments are a crock of shit.

There are those who see an opportunity in the up coming Rugby World Cup. People are renting out their homes and Marae. Some will make money and some will lose their undies.

Events like this are very much driven by market forces.

We remember the ticket scalpers in the pub selling their wares to desperate poms during the Lions Tour. The pub patrons turned on the seller to ensure that the pom got a decent deal. Sort of market forces tempered with a collective moral compass.

As for the prices of wine? Well Bills does have a point. Spy Valley sauvignon blanc 2009 is priced anywhere between $38 and $45 a bottle in Wellingtons top eateries but you can get it wholesale for as low as $14 a bottle.

What we dont like is paying more than $30 for something that was bought for about $7 bucks. Thats a rip off and probably crap wine. And take it from us there is a sea of crap New Zealand white wine out there - some of it is so thin and so sweet it doesn't even qualify as a sauvignon blanc. Its just medium white plonk.

But it is the food that we think will be the big test. Our best restaurants are outstanding and well worth supporting but there is a sea of very average ones out their charging huge money for crap.

Like the ones who bulk out Seafood chowder with surimi. - absolute junk food ( a totally processed product that is often less than 15% fish) - and then they have the audacity to charge you $15 bucks for it.

And dont get us started on the service. A well known restaurateur was telling us the other night that he finds it difficult to get front of house staff to run busy Friday nights. He says that it is the most coveted role in the trade and if you love food and wine it allows top personalities to create a show worthy of the ingredients. A chance to be the master of the craft. In Europe someone would eat your arm off for the role, Here - its tough to find someone with that passion.

Accommodation is the same - clean is good - spotless is better. We get clean most times, spotless is heaven.

So while we think there will be people out to make a quick buck during the cup, many will come unstuck. Its that market forces thing.
We also think that the competition will be fierce for the punters bucks so good deals rather than over priced crap may well be the norm. While there are those who will tour the country spending huge money on the best that this country can offer, the majority of the people who will be coming here for the event will be average Mr and Mrs's who will just want value for money.

And if you attend any big events overseas the accommodation and often food and booze is priced accordingly. So we will undoubtedly be no different and the visitors will expect some of that.

The thing New Zealanders need to remember is that people will pay good money for the good things.

Its paying good money for crap that people the world over hate.

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So while there is something to say - well , we will keep saying it..

The Brunette

Thursday 15 July 2010


Oh dear, it appears that there was a change in the climate in Southland tonight but it had nothing to do with Global warming and everything to do with people getting hot under the collar about the ETS.

Southland is famous for its fiestiness and although its pretty much a Blue ribbon province they are not so keen on the ETS.

You only have to go back to the late 70's, to the day the streets of Invercargill ran red with blood as farmers , distressed by a lengthy strike by the meatworkers unions in the middle of a drought, staged a macabre protest. They were desperate to get the starving stock off the farms and into the works. So they took their protest to the people and slaughtered stock on the main street of Invercargill. It was not a pleasant sight. The sheep were dying on their feet so for most it was a mercy killing. It was an event that earned the moniker Bloody Friday.

It worked.

So they are capable of getting their dander up. And it seems that the ETS has got them in a lather....

Nick Smith and Eric Roy would have had a tough time of it....


Six generations ago our tipuna paddled their way here from somewhere in the South Pacific ... In fact there were quite a few tipuna who paddled their way here so John Key is right. Sooner or later, a few good tides and the right winds and we will get some refugees heading our way..

There are two sides to the boat people debate. They are seen as queue jumpers.. Those who go through the right channels are disadvantaged if we take them.

However, the courage, the steely resolve, the stamina and the will to stare death in the face for a taste of freedom has to be admired. They would make good citizens.


Well we might be a failed cougar but the Hillary hairdo in the video is enough to make any man wanna poke chocolate cigars in fishy places......
Makes us feel kinda sorry for Bill Clinton.....

And crikey didn't Linda Ronstadt let herself go...

and apparently, according to Homepaddock - Linda is 64 today....


It appears that there is going to be a real competition for the National Party nomination for Wairarapa.

John Hayes, the sitting MP is a nice enough bloke. Only ever met him once under the shade of a big old tree , drinkin and eatin, as you do in the Wairarapa.

But he has not been a stellar performer.

However the Wairarapa Times Age is reporting that Matahiwi winery director and shareholder Alastair Scott has confirmed he is challenging Hayes for the National Party nomination.

Mr Scott, a director/shareholder in Matahiwi Winery, on the outskirts of Masterton, said the winery was now well established and he had the "time and energy" to channel towards national politics.

Mr Scott, 44, said his decision to seek the nomination had nothing to do with any dissatisfaction over the performance of Mr Hayes.

He suspected there may well be others interested in securing the Wairarapa nomination.

"The obvious ones could be list MPs from the Wellington area, they are always looking for a home."

Mr Scott divides his time between a home on the Matahiwi Winery property and Kelburn.

He is separated with three children and, apart from his interest in Matahiwi, is involved in several other ventures.

He is a former board member of Go Wairarapa, sits on the Wairarapa Regional Irrigation Trust, is a director of Henergy Eggs and belongs to the Wairarapa Development Group.

Ironically, the last named was set up at the urging of Mr Hayes who invited Mr Scott and others to become members of the think-tank styled group aimed at raising the business profile of the district and thereby creating greater employment opportunities.

Mr Scott said he, like Mr Hayes, believed in competition and this had been reinforced during his time in banking and the wine industry.

Although he had always had an interest in politics, dating back to his college days, Mr Scott said he had never before sought a position nationally.

"But now with Matahiwi ticking along quite nicely the time is right for me and the Wairarapa electorate."

Well this will be an interesting competition and we are firm believers that continuous renewal is good for the party.

Scott seems to have a lot in common with John Key. And he obviously has big balls as taking on an incumbent MP is not an easy or comfortable thing to do.

We will keep you posted.

Wednesday 14 July 2010


Tonight we had the chance of a lifetime - to be in the same room as all of the All Blacks and all of the Spring Boks and a few politicians...

We wanted to make our mark - find out if older women were the new black in sexual attraction. We had on our bloodiest red lippy and encased ourselves in the finest examples of gravity defying undergarments to give us that edge.

We were primped and preened and ready to see if we could catch an AB or at least catch their eye.

We were the lonely outrider in a herd of sylphic pulchritude .

It was gonna be tough.

We puffed out our ample bosum nestled in a sheen of netting and flicked our shiny locks. The creme de la creme of rugby, brushed passed us, went around us ( that took a wee while) and nary a glance did we get.

Then our heart stopped as we caught Wayne Smith casting an appreciative glance at our stout frame, only to look around to find that the glance was meant for lovely MP and fashion princess Nikki Kaye.

We were not deterred. We shifted position, laughed our tinkly come hither laugh and wiggled our booty - more lovely boys swung passed us in a conger line and still no lascivious glances or even a sly goose of our ample arse.

Suddenly even flea bitten former politicians like Roger Sowry looked good. Sir Doug McKinnon said hello. We thought that we were in. Then he started to talk soccer with some boring fart.

We were desperate for affirmation of our mature womanhood. Even the waiters were looking cute. Our fingers lingered as one handed us another glass of Oyster Bay. He shivered as he scuttled off.

Then suddenly out of the mist of men a 6'5" glorious rugby boy sidled past, and slowed - we waited breathless for the throaty "gidday."

He looked down and we looked up in abject expectation.

" You need your roots done" he said as he headed to the door and freedom

We sloped off into that dark night... bereft...

Cougar we are not..


We have had a few conversations with people over the Alan Hubbard Affair in the last few weeks. Some closely connected to this sad business , some financial wizards and some southerners.

One story, which at the time seemed unbelievable, was that when the statutory managers went in to get the records of Hubbards business they found that central to the accounting of Hubbard Inc was a school notebook with handwritten notes.

We know bugger all about running huge financing operations but there is more than a whiff of the Walter Mittys around Alan Hubbard Inc.

We have dealt with the odd fraudster in our day and often its not about pecuniary advantage but it is about getting respect from people for doing good. Recognition and status are often the drivers.

So we wonder if the strange and complex case of Hubbard Inc will prove to be just that.

No doubt time will tell.

Tuesday 13 July 2010


Bethune is an attention seeking fame grasping wanker.
And congratulations to McCully and John Key for telling it like it is.
And Bethune is not a hero. Wankers are never heroes.

We met this fine gentleman couple of times and he was a hero. And as long as Bethune lives he will never ever be a shadow of the man that Eric Batchelor was.


We have been a bit crook for the last couple of days - to the point of not even turning on the computer since Sunday. So today we we greeted with the news that yet again two good men have been shot in the line of duty.

In other countries police are feared and respected. Here we have at least two generations who show them neither.

New Zealand is also going to have to wake up to the fact that todays criminals are far more lethal than those of days gone past.

Todays tragedy and that of the siege of Napier were over simple drug busts.

Our police need to be better armed. We need to ensure that they have the weapons to handle any eventuality of any situation. They need to protect themselves so that they can protect the community.
The war on drugs should not let up. And the media needs to stop lionising criminals.

And we need to teach our kids that the police are their protectors and should be shown the utmost respect and that they hold a very important place in keeping the community safe.

Friday 9 July 2010


Sorry Haden has been guilty of bad play.

Bad attitude.

Bad judgement.

Bad choice.


This is a way better excuse than a headache.....

A young woman karks it on the fiddle.


It appears that Duncan Garner will be fronting TV3's the Nation for the next 4 weeks. This is a great chance for TV3 to turn the programme on its ear. They need to let Garner have his head and give us the racy Fox style news show we all thought it would be.

We will be watching it with considerable interest.

Thursday 8 July 2010


We understand that Duncan Garner may be considering saying "see ya later" to the cast and crew of The Nation. Stephen Parker has already left but Garner also realises the programme has limited appeal.
There is even some talk it may not screen this weekend.

Sad really , it was pretty turgid but it should have provided an alternative to the snappy but once over lightly Q and A.


Rugby - its the game with real men for real women.......

Wednesday 7 July 2010


We were alerted to this a few days ago. It's the work of the great chef and healthy eater of our times Parekura Horomia on TVNZ Good Morning Show. The former Minister of Food and Travel.

Anyway this is the show here - he claims the stew is healthy, using tinned corn beef , a few veges and some tinned sauce and mussels

My mum reckoned it looked truly hideous.. A bit like a chuck up after a Saturday nite beer and chinese takeaway.

And healthy ? Nah - its probably got your salt and fat intake for a week

And hell it would give you a serious case of flatulence.

For the brave and adventurous or perhaps the foolhardy - Heres the recipe

2 tins Hellaby's corned beef (or bully beef) 2 medium or 1 large onion, chopped) 2 potatoes, cut in small chunks 2 kumara, cut same size as potatoes 2-3 carrots, diced to same thickness of potatoes and kumara 3 zucchini, diced same as carrots 1 kg green tip mussels (fresh, not marinated)

Note: Cooking time will normally be 2 hours as time limit-may pay to half cook all veges (steamed) before putting in pot.

Place onions, and vegetables, into a medium- to large-size pot.

Break corned beef up into pieces and place into pot as well.

Add pepper for seasoning (no salt as beef is salty enough).

Cover with water and cook slowly until vegetables are done. Normally up to 2 hours. If vegetables are cut small, this will reduce cooking time.

Once all this is cooked add your mussels to the pot and simmer for about 10 minutes.

If you feel the stew is too watery, mix a tablespoon of cornflour a beef stock cube, and a quarter of a cup of water together. Stir this into the stew, until it thickens.

Best served with rewana bread.