Monday 29 June 2009


Picture BB striding purposefully down Lambton Quay on the way home dressed in red coat and cat fur scarf thinking about cooking a pork chop for dinner.
Her reverie was ripped to pieces when some simpering little pig loving nazi from SAFE thrusts a piece of paper under her snozzer and barks loud enough for everyone within a 2m radius to hear -


BB stops, grins and says loudly.

- "YES," on a plate with apple sauce and we love a bit of puss round our neck to keep warm,"
( we wear fur scarves every day and yip today's one is puss. Very nice soft, black and white puss.)

Blissful Silence filled the footpath in her wake.

Sucky up pig and puss lovers shot down at close range- no bystanders injured.


Apparently sticky out nipples are all the rage. Nippli erecti as we say. Victoria Beckham is apparently leading the new craze. Silly skinny bint. I suppose she got hers enlarged because there is bugger all of her left to look at.

Good looking blokes normally do it for us...

And sorry thats the quota of weird sex stuff for the week.


This is a bugger -NBR reports that Line 7 has gone into receivership. They are famous for good solid well made outdoor gear .

We have put some of that gear to the test at sea and on the muttonbird islands and its good rugged stuff lasts for bloody years.

They have also branched into fashion wear
and cater for the well endowed sheilas like mois. I suggest that you take a look at their website they have some seriously reduced items on sale with 60% off - yip 60% off. And no we are not getting paid to promote it!

I have about 10 bits and pieces from their all weather outdoor gear and some fashion stuff.

Here's hoping the brand, that is linked to so many big sporting events, can be saved.

Sunday 28 June 2009


There is a bit of a moral crisis over in the Ukraine. the govt there has decided to ban pornography but as commentators point out the draconian legislation is a a bit cock eyed.
They haven't really defined what porn is. In short they have boobed.

So they have a law that has the potential to be seriously abused - used for corruption even.

Appparently according to the story possessing porn will be okay as long as you dont sell it

We like this quote from the story.

Les Poderevyanskiy, a writer and painter who attended Karas’ exhibition, agrees that the new law is ridiculous.

“Pornography is the representation of sexual acts. If we say that the representation of a sexual act is a bad thing, then the sexual act is still worse. So let’s ban the sexual act first,” Poderevyanskiy said. “If there will be no sexual acts, there will be no pornography.”


My Political Views
I am a center-right moderate social libertarian
Right: 2.8, Libertarian: 1.54

Political Spectrum Quiz

No surprises really

The results of other political bloggers.


We have known many gang members like Mossie Hines , from across the spectrum - White Power, Nomads, Black Power , Mongrel Mob, Road Knights, Devils Henchmen and many others who have since disbanded.

We do not mourn the passing of Hines. He died in jail where he spent most of his sorry arsed life. He was brutal and unforgiving and arguably, if he didn't order the killing of Dr Howard Tippet and his sister, then he shaped the minds of those who did.
He was the face of evil. The same sort of evil we are seeing on TV1 on the Gangland series of Australia's underbelly. David Fisher has done a considered piece on a man who was less than the legend.

And of course our recent brush with gangs is now documented.

There are no places for these people in our society. We will undoubtedly see a rise of gang activity as the growing fog of the recession swirls about us. It will take a good and firm government to ensure that we do not see the rise of any more Mossie Hines.

Saturday 27 June 2009


We are not sure whats happening over at the NBR but a number of their journos have just left or are leaving very soon. Thats sad. It is a good read but good reads only come from hiring good journos. We know they are as scarce than happy and content Labour MP's these days. and that that the talent pool is not deep. Thank god they still have the superb Rob Hosking on the payroll. And Chris Keall and Hazel and David Farrar and Hooton - but they need some daily grunts on the books who understand business as well.

Cactus also laments the late copy.

Come on Bazza - - find some good scribes. Keep us entertained and informed. Please.


We admire the work and musing of the primo financial and political commentator Fran O'Sullivan. Today she does a " tut tut" get on with it column to the govt

We think its worthy of a leisurely read.


We were fortunate to watch the dismal French All Black clash down in Nelson with family - son, grandparents and aunty and uncle. We are all the best rugby players that never were. But the thing that struck us all was the the fact that that All Blacks never let rip with a hearty, ballsy and heartfelt rendition of our National Anthem. So our hearts sang when we read the news that New Zealands most garrulous ( not) citizen Graeme Henry has given his boys a rark up over not singing our National song of pride and patriotism. Even the Haka isnt like it used to be - its gone all soft.

Bloody good on him however he could have dont it sooner. And is it just me or does the whole AB team have that soft boy sooky nanna look about them?

Shit Rugby is just a polite version of a good scrap.

Time for our guys to get hard again.. Really hard. Like that lionesesque frenchy.. Sebastien Chabal

We want some of that in the NZ team. Fuck the posey metrosexual rugby nancy boys - we want blokes - big tough take no prisoners, run like rabbits rugby buggers. Or the world cup mission is doomed....


Hi y'all,
Yip we have decided to come out of hiding - after taking up a full time role inside a major govt dept we have decided that we can blog. We never made a secret of our political allegiances ( pretty hard when you have sought a nomination in the past we would have thought and at the end of the day we support National and the Maori Party. We have never made any secret of that. Anyway we will refrain from commenting on health issues and Maori issues. That makes it simple. For us anyway. And we have had a gander at the State Services Act and it seems that if we refrain from commenting on the dept we are working for we should be reasonably safe.

So we will be heavier on the social commentary and as we enjoy humour ( our own unique brand) then there will be more of that.

One lament since we went into recess was that this site was good to get to other juicy stuff on other blogs. We will do that more often with the new disclaimer that we dont necessarily agree or not agree with the opinions on other blogs but we find them interesting and worthy of your note.

And undoubtedly there will be new blogs that appear from time to time and we will give you a heads up when we find some we think you might be interested in.

And of course we wont be the frantic bloggers that we have been in the past - we are very busy these days with very important matters of state business.

So climb aboard for the ride ( again).

Friday 19 June 2009


and its home grown

Rock on!